7 Powerful Phrases That Can Change A Child’s Life

They may change yours too!

Here are 7 phrases that have the power to direct, guide, and positively influence a child for the rest of their life.  Come to think of it…they may do the same for you!

7 Powerful Phrases

1. “What you feed grows.”

How do you want your life to go?  Do you want it to be inspiring, positive, and full of faith? Or hurtful, damaging, and fearful?  Whatever you take into your life the most is what you will grow more of.  Feed it with peace – you’ll grow more peaceful.  Feed it with fear – you’ll grow more fearful.  You become what you feed yourself.  That’s why God instructs us this way:  “Whatever is true..noble..right..pure..lovely..admirable..excellent..praiseworthy – think about (feed yourself with) such things.”

2. “He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.”

This biblical Proverb (Proverbs 13:20) is timeless and truer than most of us realize.  As Andy Stanley wisely says, “Friends determine the quality and direction of your life.”  As adults, we know this to be true through experience.  Often through painful ones.  So we must instill this wisdom into our children at an early age and do 2 things: 1) encourage friendships we believe to be helpful to them and 2) protect and discourage them from those who may cause them to suffer harm.

3. “What you focus on is what you feel.”

Tony Robbins is right when he points this out.  He is telling us that our feelings – our state of mind – is the starting point for all action.  Either good or bad.  Wise or unwise.  If we want to move in a positive direction in our lives then we must focus on what is positive, good, and true.  Conversely, we must also guard our thoughts and protect our minds from focusing on anything other than that which causes us to move in that positive direction.

4. “If not now…when?”

In most instances in life, there is no such thing as the “perfect time”.  It doesn’t exist.  So when you feel prompted to act on something – do it!  Right then.  Be a person of decisive action and you will be rewarded for it.  Don’t be the person who only dreams and never does anything about it.  Be like Nike: Just do it!

5. “What you decide to do with what God made you to do is your story to tell the world.”

We are all telling a story with our lives.  Some stories inspire and motivate us and make us better.  Others do just the opposite.  Make your life and your story worth sharing and repeating.  Be bold.  Be brave.  Do good.  God has given you all that you need to live a life of great purpose.  Your “thank you” to Him is the life you live and the story you write with it.

6. “Fear is a liar.”

Fear as old as the Garden of Eden and is one of the biggest weapons to defeat you from living a full, amazing life.  You have to aggressively deal with fear.  It is a bully and will try to get in your way.  Don’t let it!  Fight fear with truth.  It’s the only way to win against it.  The truth is this…fear is a liar!  Say that the next time you feel it’s grip on you and move forward despite how you feel.

7. “Clarity is power.”

Most people lack clarity when it comes to life’s big questions.  Who am I?  Why am I here?  What is my purpose? Who am I here for?  If you want to have power in your life, then you have to be crystal clear about these key questions.  Want better answers?  Ask better questions.  This is where it all starts.  Find clarity and you’ll find power in any area of life that you apply it to.

Bonus phrase:

8. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde was right.  God made you uniquely you with your own story to write and share with the world.  You don’t need to be more than what God made you to be.  Find out what God thinks of you and what He has in mind for you and then do it with all of your might!

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