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Famous NFL QB Tweeted 4 Words About LV Massacre…The Media Is Freaking Out

Whenever a tragic shooting occurs in our country, the media are starting to “search for answers.” Almost every time, the answers are about changing legislation for gun control, even when it’s clear that shooter already broke the laws.

In the pursuit for answers, the media never went where Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz go after the massacre in Las Vegas. While the media were trying to report about every single word of unclear ties with the NFL in the past days, Wentz’s post on Twitter wasn’t recognized by media after the tragic event happened.

The question is why the media didn’t cover it? Because the media is frightened to hear what he has to say, and that’s these 4 words: “The world needs Jesus.”

Wentz in his tweet he posted on Monday expressed his sympathy and advised that the Americans should turn toward God for guidance.

“So much hate and evil. So sad. The World needs Jesus in a bad way. Praying for all those affected in Vegas,” Wentz posted on Twitter.

It’s obvious that people and the whole world need God in a variety of ways. But, sadly the politicians and the media don’t want to see this solution to the problem.

The Washington Examiner reported that instead of turning to Jesus, the Democrats are pushing for gun control legislation despite their awareness for the reason of the Las Vegas massacre. They surely didn’t forget Rahm Emanuel’s saying about letting a good crisis go to waste.

Gratefully, the Congressional Republicans are preventing this impulsive reaction to change the legislative without an understanding of the problem.

“I just think politicizing this terrible tragedy is beyond disgusting and we ought to wait a respectful period of time, out of respect for people who lost their lives or were injured before we get into the push and shove of politics around here,” John Cornyn, the Republican Senate Majority Whip, stated.

Often, we forget that there is no law that can prevent evil. There isn’t a legislation that can take out the cruelty of a human heart. And here we can find the reason for the massacre that happened in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, there isn’t any legal loophole or a weaponry Congress refuses to prohibit.

What happened was plain evil.

We can all agree that there is only one way to prevent this evil to occur, and that’s returning to the values that made America great and made it good. The proper way is to turn to God.

The media don’t like to admit that but anyhow Carson Wentz has the willingness to acknowledge it.

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