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583 secrets for foot-savvy athletes—like YOU!
Prevent injury ... treat your aches and pains ... love your feet — and they'll love you back!
In the pages of Fixing Your Feet, you get the secrets that top athletes learned the hard way — but you don't have to!
World-renowned foot expert and athlete John Vonhof shares a lifetime of secrets on how to keep your feet healthy and happy — even in the most challenging conditions.

If you have feet, you need this book! Dare to go bare! Barefoot running is all the rage — but take it slow. Easing into it can save you a lot of pain. Long-distance barefoot runner Tellman Knudson suggests starting with the regimen described on page 81.

Try this ingenious "rice trick" to toughen up your feet. It helped one athlete prepare for a 150-mile race in the Chilean desert. Think what it can do for you! Page 122

Painful heel fissures are a common occurrence in dry conditions. To deal with them quickly, some ultrarunners rely on Gorilla Glue. Explanation, page 332  
You get expert advice on all the best foot-pampering products you can buy. You don't just save your feet; you save a bundle on products that don't make the grade. Read it FREE for 21 days! Click here!
Are the new "minimalist" running shoes right for you? Everything you need to know starts on page 76.

Your postevent foot care kit should include Epsom salts, antibiotic ointment, and three other simple items. Complete details on
page 256

20 best lubricants, from Aquaphor to Vaseline. Page 120

  Duct tape. Is there anything it can’t do? One thing it's great for is getting rid of bothersome plantar warts. In fact, it has been proven more effective, less painful, and a whole lot less expensive than the most common treatment. See page 334.  
Exclusive 21-day FREE-preview offer! From strengthening exercises to routine preventive hygiene and nutrition ... from emergency aid midevent ... to soothing treatment postevent ... you get it all in Fixing Your Feet.
  Why you should NEVER run on concrete. And other must-know "no-nos" that can stop a runner in his tracks. Page 17

  Oversocks can be lifesavers in wet conditions. Trouble is, they can cost a bundle. Here’s a handy FREE alternative. See page 103.

  Why you should always take your old shoes with you to the shoe store. Don't even think about shopping for new athletic shoes until you have seen page 48.

  When over-the-counter orthotics are good enough — and when they're not. Page 143

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The easiest way to dry your shoes is to toss them in the dryer.

100% cotton socks are the best choice.

You should never hit the trail without gaiters.

You can prevent painful (ugly!) black toenails in as little as 2 minutes.

Adhesive bandages are a handy, quick blister treatment to use every time.

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