Summer is the perfect time to make changes to your backyard so you can use it more often and effectively. Alternatively, you may want to do up the outdoor areas of your property to make your home more appealing so you can sell it more easily and for a higher price.

Either way, before you start work on your yard, it’s worth knowing some of the key landscaping design trends for 2022.

Multifunctional Spaces

Since the global pandemic began, more and more people have turned to or had to work from home and come to realize just how essential being able to do numerous things in the one space can be. Plus, many have discovered how much they want an outdoor space that enables them to work, rest, entertain, get back to nature, and more. Multifunctional spaces are thus on the rise, inside and out.

Homeowners are looking for ways to push the limits of the garden further by creating yards that have spaces appropriate for all sorts of things. For example, outdoor areas can be set up effectively to grow fresh produce, have family or friends over for a meal, and exercise a pet. Yards are a handy spot to get some work done in the fresh air, meditate, stretch, practice mindfulness, and swim or play games.

Even in a smaller, limited outdoor area, people are trying to cram as many functions into the space as possible. For example, some might roll out their favorite non-slip yoga mat and have some downtime in the fresh air to focus on breathing and limbering before switching gears and using the same space as an outdoor office. Others might frequently entertain in the yard on weekends but use an outdoor table and chairs to go through projects with their home-schooling child during the week. Landscape designers must now think bigger and make yards as versatile as possible.

Geometric Forms and Curvy Shapes

Another big trend in 2022 is thinking about shapes carefully in outdoor zones. There’s an increased use of geometric forms, whether in garden layouts, paving, furniture, or other choices. Rather than focusing on symmetrical and neatly ordered gardens, designers today are freer to embrace curvilinear solutions that help residents connect back to the forms seen in natural landscapes and garden environments.

More Use of Oak

Also on the rise is the use of oak in numerous areas of gardens. This warm, durable material can help to link to materials a homeowner sees daily inside of their home and seamlessly bring the outdoor and indoors together. Oak can be used for decking and pergolas, planters or furniture material, and other situations. It ties in nicely to the natural environment outside and can suit many different style types and tastes.

Planting Based on the Encouragement of Pollinators

Sustainability remains top of mind in 2022, as do animal conservation and related topics. As such, pay attention, and you’ll notice many people planting things in their yard not because of the look or price so much as for the benefits that certain shrubs, trees, or flowers bring to native wildlife.

In particular, pollinators such as the declining bee species are being carefully catered to. If you want to follow suit and help insects and other creatures, investigate which plants you could put in your yard that will become a haven for pollinators. For example, nectar-rich bulbs and perennials give pollinators more food to enjoy. You might like to plant salvias, crocuses, seed heads and grasses, roses, and others. Don’t forget to make water available to bugs through water features, bird baths, and other solutions.

Use of Jewel Tones and Other Rich Colors

When we think of garden settings, many of us automatically picture flowers in pretty pinks and reds or some striking yellow or blue shades. However, 2022 is the year for gardens that show off an array of rich jewel tones and other vibrant colors that add oomph to any yard.

You might like to design your yard to boast flowers in deep purple or magenta hues, lime green, acid yellow, deep blue-purple, or hearty orange. In addition, add drama and pleasing contrast to your yard by planting dark foliage selections, such as purple basil or coral bells, alongside colorful flowering plants and accenting the latter in turn. A fountain surrounded by flowers Description automatically generated with low confidence

Other trends to be aware of in landscape design include making yards perfect for dogs (after so many got adopted during the last few years because of the pandemic) and the increased incorporation of metals throughout a yard. Metals are often used for planter boxes, sculptures, shade structures, water features, and more.

These are all design elements you might like to consider as you plan out a garden refresh at your property in the coming months.



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