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Marshawn Lynch Refuses To Stand For National Anthem, Gets An Instant Wakeup Call

We all remember last year when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem before his games. Although he was trying to make a statement, the quarterback has since been let go from the team and is desperately looking for a  another team that will sign with him.

However, Freedom Daily reported that Kaepernick’s friend Marshawn Lynch who just came out of retirement this summer and has joined the Raiders football team is showing support for Kaepernick and has chosen to sit during the National Anthem as well. 

Jeremy Roenick, current NBC studio hockey analyst and former Blackhawks star took to Twitter to reveal his thoughts about Marshawn Lynch disrespecting our country.

Roenick initially posted a screen grab of a story that has been discredited as a fictitious post and is no longer available on lockerdome.com. This fake article even quoted a made-up statement from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ James Harrison.

The headline of this fake article was “Anyone on my team sits for anthem, they better be in a wheelchair.”

In response Roenick tweeted, “Now this is a man I want on my team! Too bad bad we have to sit around and watch disrespectful athletes sit on cooler!! Disgraceful!” which he followed with two thumbs-down emojis.

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