How We Differ

Other advisors may have…

  • Required Minimum Account Sizes

    Most financial advisors require that new clients have a certain amount of money available for the advisor to invest and manage on behalf of the client. These minimums are often $250,000, $500,000, or even $1,000,000 plus.

  • Potential For Conflicts Of Interest

    Most advisors also receive some type of commission-based compensation, which can create a conflict of interest when having to choose between what’s best for the client and what pays the advisor the most. This type of compensation can be earned in various ways: the sale of a financial product, such as a life insurance policy or variable annuity, or from investment vehicles, such as mutual funds with front-ends loads or internal expenses (called 12B-1 fees) of which the advisor gets a share.

Kennedy Financial Planning is…

  • Structured For A Range Of Needs

    Our fees are based upon the time spent or the scope of your financial planning engagement. The are no minimum account size requirements in order to qualify for our services.

  • Fee Only

    Being a “Fee Only” advisory firm means that our compensation comes from our clients directly. Similar to a CPA or attorney, we get paid for our expertise, time, and advice. We don’t sell financial products or receive any direct or indirect commision-based compensation, which greatly reduces the potential for conflicts of interest.