Our Process

Our Financial Planning Process > Get Acquainted, Engage & Gather Data, Internal Analysis, Plan Presentation and Recommendation, Implement Recommendations, Monitor Plan with Periodic Check-upsChange is bound to happen throughout your life. And when it does, your planning must also be updated in order to remain relevant. Financial plans are meant to be instruments that evolve over time.

That’s why the process is circular –
It should be ongoing.

  • Begins with the Get Acquainted meeting
  • Data gathering and analysis requires behind-the-scenes work for both the planner and the client(s)
  • There is often an intermediate step (not shown) in the financial planning process called the planning meeting.  This takes place after the initial analysis and is meant to be a dialogue between Kennedy Financial Planning and you, the client(s). The current situation and preliminary results are discussed and your valued feedback is solicited.
    • Due to time constraints, this step is not part of the Financial Triage package.
  • During the plan presentation meeting, the analysis and recommendations for each financial topic within the scope of the engagement are discussed and delivered via written document, which is usually housed in a binder.
  • Implementing the recommendations you receive is imperative to your success.  Our firm is happy to assist you with this action step, though it may require extra time and additional charge.  If so, an estimate must be agreed to prior to commencement of this step.
  • After initial planning, an annual check-up is highly recommended.  Annual check-ups can vary in time and complexity, but they are generally less costly than the initial engagement.
  • Please don’t  hesitate to contact us sooner if you experience a life change that affects your financial plan.