Petition in Support for Mr. Aakash Dalal

Reference: State vs. Aakash Dalal

I petition Governor Chris Christie and the New Jersey Court System to
-    Support Bail Reform and lower the bail to a reasonable level for Aakash Dalal,
-    Grant Motion to Change Venue out side of Bergen County,and
-    Expedited trial
Mr. Aakash Dalal is held in jail in solitary confinement for over 2 years since he was 19 years old, without any trial. The bail is currently set at $4M without 10% option, which is impossible for any average family to meet. The media, justice apparatus and government officials misconstrued the facts of this case to the public at large and misconceptions were formed about Aakash Dalal’s actions and his character.  Aakash Dalal is robbed of one of the most fundamental rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution “the presumption of innocence” and trial has not even begun yet, over two years after his arrest and imprisonment.
This case was over-charged from the outset due to the heightened sensitivity and personal political agendas. Aakash Dalal is US born citizen and was President of Young American for Liberty in Rutgers College, NJ, with perfect GPA, before his arrest. He was accused of receiving military training in Ukraine, Russia or Korea. The truth is that he has never travelled outside of Untied States and all that justice apparatus has to do is to check DHS records. Any person who travels outside US has to have his/her passport stamped. Justice apparatus has not even checked that.
I am not asking to prove him innocent. I am petitioning to lower the bail to a reasonable amount, change of venue for fair trial and to give him a speedy trial and his day in court which all citizens of US deserve.

CC:  Mr. Judge Edward Jerijian, Hon. Mr. John Jay Hoffman, Mr. John Molinelli

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