Give a tax break to millionaires

Governor Christie has consistently opposed raising taxes on millionaires and vetoed the legislation that the Democrats passed.

Instituting this temporary, one-year tax would affect only about 16,000 households in New Jersey, and would bring an estimated $637 million to state coffers. [Star-Ledger, 6/20/10;, 5/20/10]

Currently, the New Jersey Supreme Court is hearing arguments about whether Governor Christie violated the state constitution by cutting over $1 billion from public school funding. The Supreme Court could compel Christie to restore up to $1.7 billion to public education funding. During deliberations, one Supreme Court Justice raised the question to the Governor's representatives on his decision to not renew a "millionaire’s tax" in order to raise revenue for the schools should the Court compel Christie to restore funding. Again, Christie remained defiant and even publicly chastised the Justice saying he sounded more like a "candidate for governor" than a "tenured judge." [Star-Ledger, 4/22/11]

Watch for yourself how Governor Christie responds to State Supreme Court justice Barry Albin.