Laguna Hockey Academy
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Hockey Team Training

We will add to your teams hockey performance and improvement with training at the LHA.  We have 11,000 square feet of hockey specific training, our coaches will run your team through our state of the art hockey specific  machines in a circuit training routine which is guaranteed to improve your game!  Optionally the team's coach can participate with LHA coaches, so the coach handles the main rink with his staff, and the LHA coaches run the team on the machines.  We will split the players up throughout our five different machines each session.


Our featured product at the LHA is the BladeMill skating treadmill which is the newest and best model for today's training which is powered by a 10 hp variable eurodrive motor that allows the treadmill to go forwards and backwards for every position skate training.

NHL, AHL, NCAA, and Major Junior Teams players are all using this skate treadmill for training.  Our skating treadmill allows you to practice not only skating stride with video feedback/analysis but you can practice shooting in stride into our nets, set up with or without your teams goalie.

Snipe Pad
We have the snipe pad shooting radar system in our shooting range next to our main rink.  This system allows players to receive passes from our machines at whatever speed works for your age/skill level and then reads the shot speed and has lighted targets that only go off when hit.
This system is revolutionized in our Canadian factory with countless hours of hockey preparation by players and coaches at every level.



The GrindRail is designed for strength training. Players with under developed upper body strength will now be able to be more aggressive in the corners and in giving checks; and to stay solid when hit.  Our unique, constant torque rail system allows for smooth and gradual increases in resistance.

The GrindRail strengthens upper body, calves and thighs, and teaches balancing and weight distribution. it develops quickness, explosiveness, and acceleration (commonly referred to in Hockey as first three steps.)
It has pre-programmable variable torque—the further you go, the tougher it gets, and it improves skater core strength by extreme force needed to push gable forward as well as stamina development for longer shift time.

Main Rink

Our Main Rink which is used for both adult and youth leagues at the LHA will speed up your reaction time and game quickness.  NHL coaches repeat to their players that they need to learn to do things on the ice at high rates of speed, and this rink teaches you just that.   You are given less time to make decisions with the puck which forces the player to keep his head up, reading and reacting to the play.  This ice is used primarily for resistance training making is so when you step on natural ice you will not only feel quicker, you will be quicker.

Reaction Pad
The Reaction Pad (ExtremeSystem) is designed for agility training. Players with a dominant side, can now balance themselves equally. As they run the program, they can time themselves as to their improvement. 
Our ToughIce skating surface simulates natural ice while provides proper resistance to generate agility training at the same time.

The Reaction pad Allows for programming various tag-points to light up sequentially or randomly.  It Improves skater agility by the constant stop-start and directional travel, and strengthens lateral and weak-side movement. It is pre-programmable to skaters needs or preferences and teaches split-second reaction

Start of your season September or August until seasons end  or month to month throughout the season.
Four practices per month for $675 per team or $45 per player based on  a 15 player roster or less if roster is larger. 

With team training any of your players can use our facility anytime during the season for use of main rink, weight room, spin bikes, or slide boards. 

Coaches can use our new classroom and video room in our facility by booking at LHA, and use comes free with team training. 

Sports Chiropractor at the LHA
We have a sports Chiropractor on premises.  All Academy members receive at no charge muscular-skeletal examination with Dr. Rik Wahlrab DC right here on-site.  Dr Wahlrab has over 25 years experience in treating back and neck pain, herniated disks, and sports injuries.

Having put 3 children through travel hockey, Dr Rik is well versed in recognizing and treating hockey related injuries.  Many hockey related injuries respond especially well to his painless cold laser treatment, which speeds the healing process.  Here is a link to his website

Team Dryland Training with David Pollitt (optional)
Off-ice physical training has become such an important component to hockey, roller or ball hockey training success that it is imperative that teams employ a dryland training system into their overall physical training yearly plan. Players at all levels are bigger, faster, and stronger in all aspects of the game and the need to keep players healthy and injury free is tremendous. The keys to dryland training helps to rehabilitate existing injuries, rebalance muscle systems, and build physically sound athletes from the ground up.

The problem is that many teams simply do not have the resources, time or focus to put into dryland training. Teams that do have dryland training often hire out a personal trainer or buy gym memberships for their players in hopes that having this will constitute a dryland training program. Unfortunately, most teams have no idea what their players are doing during off-ice training so the program ultimately is unsuccessful.

At the Laguna Hockey Academy we turn to our expert hockey specific strength training coach David Pollitt work with teams to prepare them for the rigors of on-ice performance. Here is what Coach Pollitt can offer teams:
Coach Pollitt will meet with the teams coaching staff and team, before performing a full physical fitness evaluation of all the players.

A custom designed program is then prepared and implemented with the team at the Laguna Hockey Academy.
The program is changed on a regular basis to keep players progressing during dryland sessions and special re-habilitation programs can be made for injured players.

Proven results that are much cheaper than hiring a local personal trainer and using an unproven non-hockey specific system.

Regular evaluations and meetings will be scheduled with the team's coaching staff to ensure the program is performed to maximize effectiveness.

Lectures and/or presentations can be included for teams or groups upon request (for an additional fee).

Team Hockey specific training for 1hr (flat fee)
4 sessions per month ($11.66/hr * 15 players) $700 per month
8 sessions per month ($8/hr * 15 players) $960 per month
(Team training programs will be included for each player)


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