The right bar stools can play an important role in improving the look of your kitchen. Finding the right barstool can be challenging as you have to consider its height, style and comfort before buying it.

So here are some things you need to consider before choosing a kitchen counter, kitchen island, or even a tool for your pub. Here’s a guide to choosing the best bar stools to elevate your kitchen. Also you can check out La Maison

What is the right height of bar stools?

Before choosing a chair, counter or bar, you first need to measure the length of the table or counter. There must be a gap of 9″-13″ between the table and the chair for comfortable sitting in the chair.

  • The height of a chair stool is 18 inches from floor to seat. And the perfect pair with chair tools would be 28 “-30” tables or counters.
  • The height of a counter stool is 24″ -26″ from floor to seat. And the perfect pair with chair tools would be 36″-39″ tables or counters.
  • The height of a counter stool is 28″-30″ from floor to seat. And the perfect pair with chair tools would be 40″-42″ tables or counters.

What is the right width of the kitchen bar stools?

Before considering the right width of the black bar stools for your kitchen, you must know how many stools you need. The standard width of each stool is 50-75 cm, and 12-15cm is applicable for its arm and access. Besides, black bar stools with backs take up more space.

Right material of bar stools Australia

Before buying a black bar stool, you have to pay the most attention to its material. If you pay for it, you will get it back. The build quality of Rattan bar stools is reflected in the price. When you invest more in it, then it will give you a comfortable and sturdy life. You will find several types of Hamptons bar stools such as wooden bar stools, bar stools melbourne, leather bar stools, modern bar stools, wicker bar stools, french provincial bar stools, cheap bar stools and so on. You will also find bar stools online.

Our Pick Of The Best Bar Stools To Elevate Your Kitchen

IKEA Dalfred Bar Stools

These stools come with a simple design to match the modern interiors. It comes with a great form that focuses on the home or office. Its classical screw-top design will enhance the look of your kitchen. Not only that, it can complement the art theme. It also comes with a consistent height and without any arms, so it doesn’t need extra space. So you can fit several stools in your kitchen island.

Austin bar stool

If you have a tendency towards nature then this may be the best bar stool for you. This is because the stool has a natural wood finish, and its simple design fits both traditional and modern. These stools make it perfect for any interior with its smooth curved legs and minimal construction. If you want to give a stylish look to the interior of your home or office with the same wood, then you can pay attention to these stools.

LexMod Clip Bar Stool

If you want to get an attractive bar stool for your kitchen, then LexMod Clip Bar Stool will definitely catch your eye. Its unique double-over seat will give you comfort which is not expensive at all. It can also be the best choice for your kitchen countertop or dining table. Its comfortable form will give you comfort. And the sturdy footrest makes it durable.

LA Bar Stool in Beige

If you are looking for coolness and comfort at the same time then Beige’s furnishings will give you that. Stools come with a back cut which makes it suitable for your interior style. Also these classical bar stools come in black, chevron and gray colors. These bar stools are designed in a versatile style. So it allows you to combine the elegance of the office, bar and kitchen. Read more here buying guide. 



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