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Confession.  There are two things that typically happen when Jake is out of town.  Number 1:  I eat like a 12 year old girl.  That’s right, Mac & Cheese, Mac & Cheese and just plain cheese with the occasional baguette.  Number 2:  I make meals that I’m positive will not turn out for me on the first try…that way when it goes terribly wrong, I’m the only one disappointed.  And then I reach for the Mac & Cheese.

So this past weekend while my honey muffin was gone I decided to attempt these breakfast beauties.  I went with The Pioneer Woman’s pancake recipe because they are indeed perfect, just as the title claims.  I mixed up my goodies, prepped the griddle and crossed my toes since my fingers had more important things to tend to.

And then….

I was pleasantly surprised!

Thanks Pinterest for leading me to the breakfast of napping champions!

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