Artist Q & A with Boy Kid Cloud


Boy Kid Cloud is an acclaimed Producer and DJ from the UK who is making waves in the electronic scene (and .wavs) with his unique approachable take on bass music. I had a chance to ask him a couple questions about him, his music and what’s in store for 2013.


FIB: How did you like playing in a post-rock group as opposed to making electronic music? Do you like working with other people or do you enjoy producing music on your own as a solo artist?

BKC: It’s a lot of fun, always around your mates and being on stage is a lot of fun because it’s really energetic. I like working on my own, as well as with other people, depends who with though.


FIB: It seems you have in a way re-invented yourself with your latest release. How conscious of a decision was this, or was it just what naturally came out? It seems to me like you had a a very melodic musical history and you fell into dubstep but you wanted to merge the two in your own way. Thoughts?

BKC: I don’t care, I make music and don’t wanna be making one specific genre. I will make any type of music I want to on a day to day basis.

FIB: Where do you see the genre of dubstep going in the next few years?

BKC: In terms of where I see that genre going, I think it will get less heavy and more experimental but I don’t really think about it too much.

FIB: Your music contains a level of passion and emotion that seems to be almost non-existent in most genres of bass music. Do you think this is a hinderence to possible popularity in the “scene,” or is it the necessary value that can set you apart and even propel you and the genre to a new level?

I don’t practice or write much for my band at the moment and I write about things I know so when my music comes out its often like an electronic version of my band, in terms of meanings to songs ect. I don’t know weather or not it effects me in a good or bad way I couldn’t possibly tell you.

FIB: How much of your instrumentation, if any, is played/recorded with live instruments? Or is it mostly a keyboard controller?

BKC: I obviously sing and play some little bits of guitar but mostly its midi based but I like to play music in, rather than write little red squares haha.

FIB: I see you are very inspired by Prince, besides him, who would you say are your top 3 inspirations as far as electronic music and top 3 outside of the realm of EDM? Who was inspirational specifically for A Better Version of Me?

BKC: Erm, Aphex twin, Daft Punk & J Dilla just off the top of my head. The Time, Fatal star & colour. There’s not really anyone I look to for immediate inspiration just a massive long list of music I have listen to in my life that I may or may not subconsciously look back too.

FIB: What’s next? Do yo have any releases or new tracks coming out soon?

BKC: January! I’m releasing some more music, can’t say what it is but its coming January. Just released a cover of I would die 4 u by Prince and I’m putting a mix-tape out of the next few weeks too, look out for that as its all unreleased music of mine.

FIB: Any chance you might make it over to the states in 2013?

BKC: I hope so I’m currently working on a visa and soon as that’s done and it coincides with a release ill be dereeeee!!





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