Blog posts of '2015' 'March'

Boring picture alert. I'm seeing way too many abusers of flexible dieting. It's called flexible dieting/eating, not "how much shit food can I fit in a day." Yes, I do post a lot of the fun foods but I assure you my micros get plugged in before any doughnut. I see some of you jackasses posting not two, but sometimes three desserts/treats in one day, saying how you saved all your carbs for your sugar indulgences at night. That's not how flex eating works dudes. Your coaches and motivators are not impressed, in fact, it pisses us off because you're the ones giving us a bad name. Stop it! Fill your days with nutrient dense foods first. Stop starving yourselves so you can eat a pint of Ben and jerry's at night. #rikirant over.

Spent the night in Philadelphia to hang out with our family @koios_mentaltitan. Before getting on the road home to our pup, had to make a stop at@federaldonuts. Best cake doughnuts I have ever had This bad boy was my favorite, #blueberrymascarpone.