Q & A with Ookay

FaithInBass had the opportunity to ask Ookay a few questions about himself, trap music and more. Visit him on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook for some of the most entertaining posts and tweets you will ever read.


FIB: So who in the fuck is Ookay?

Ookay: Why did you have to start off this interview with the hardest question ever? I make trap music and trap music accessories.

FIB: What’s with the non-disclosure of the identity? Are you shy, or just humble, or doing it for the mystery?

Ookay: Finding out who I am isn’t a hard puzzle. I guess I do it for fun. The only thing is, it’s SO HARD to breathe when I’m trying to DJ. Seriously, I have no idea how UZ does it. He probably has some special magic veil.

FIB: What’s your musical background?

Ookay: I come from a really music family and was brought up in a Christian home. My dad would play bass at a lot of African American churches in California so I grew up with Gospel and Jazz music. Later on I developed a love for Neo-Soul and Death Metal. How I landed into the trap scene is beyond me.

FIB: What’s your approach to making a track? Software/hardware used for tones and sequencing?

Ookay: I use FL Studios when I produce. I have 2 KRK Rokit 5’s and that’s about it. I don’t have a midi keyboard or anything. I have to manually draw in notes. I’ve gotten used to it. I start every track differently. Sometimes I work on the drop first, or I’ll start with a solid intro. Every track is always a different experience.

FIB: You are from San Diego? How is the “trap scene” there?

Ookay: Born & raised San Diegan. Trap scene is….growing. There are small shows in pubs or bars that I’ve heard about though. It’s pretty underground. I do know a couple shows out here in San Diego that are pretty good. LED brings out some Trap artists as well as El Dorado.

FIB: How did Borgore connect with you to be on the Buygore all-star comp?

Ookay: It was a connection through Kennedy Jones who’s also a great trap artist. Apparently the Buygore team as well as Borgore himself loved my tunes and things just worked out. I’m glad to be in that circle of connections.

FIB: Who are you biggest inspirations in trap and just in general?

Ookay: My biggest inspirations? Everyone who is making music for the love of it. I couldn’t think of a better industry to be apart of.

FIB: UZ just landed a track in NPR’s top 10 dance tracks of ‘12 which in a way validates trap as a respectable genre. Do you think trap has the potential to blow up like dubstep did? Do you want to see it get big or would you rather it stay fairly low-key?

Ookay: Trap should be shared around the world. It’s bridging the gap of different genres & cultures to a point where everyone can relate to a tune. Trap is here to stay.

FIB: Any plans for putting out an EP, a collab or working with any more labels in the near future?

Ookay: Working on a new EP that will most likely release through Buygore. I’ve exhausted myself this month of December. I need a quick break to work on other aliases such as Leisure and Coaster. Doesn’t mean that I’ll be stopping Trap music at all. I’ll be very active in making trap. I just want to explore other genres as well.

FIB: How have your live DJ sets been going? Where can we see Ookay in the next few months?

Ookay: Live sets have been great. Word around town is that there aren’t a lot of trap djs using straight CDjs so people are surprised that that’s all I use. I think it helps me connect with the crowd more and put on a show. I get rowdy on stage. I’ll make sure to do a US tour. Hopefully next year work on an International Tour. We’ll see!

FIB: One last question…If you had to choose between sex and music which would it be?
Ookay: Easy, music. That’s not to say that sex isn’t great but my love for music overpowers that of lust. $$$$$


Check out Ookay’s new debut Diamondbaqq EP below and download his track on the Buygore All Star compilation here.



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