Savoy Releases FREE New EP ‘Supertrail’

Just a few months after Savoy’s last EP, Supertrail, this dynamic trio has arrived with another EP, this time with 4 tracks. The EP begins with an electro-house banger called “The Bridge” that while keeping close to the classic electro-house sound has a very progressive rock feel similar to that of Justice that is sure to please just about any EDM fan. The next track “AfterShock” is a well produced dubstep tune with the likes of Colorado super trio Big Gigantic. Big Gigantic brings a tone that their fans will be familiar with throughout the song as well as their well-known saxophone addition. The third track “Kidz” is a darker, grittier track with a flanging bassline that sounds more along the lines of Boyz Noize or Do Blood than something you might hear from Savoy. The final track “Hard To Say” has a heavy, rock-like chord progression that contrasts unexpectedly effectively under the high-pitch female vocalist. This track is so reminiscent of heavy rock that I almost raised the devil-horns and head banged, but did not for the sake of my dignity. Download the EP for FREE HERE.


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