Manson and the Zodiac Symbol


These images are from the web page


Manson Postcard 06.05.2006



Note the crossed-circle drawn on the stamp.


Manson Letter 02.15.2006





Note the crossed-circle drawn in the center of the seventh and last page of this letter. It is signed, "Easy" - a name that Charlie uses.


Manson Letter 04.26.2006



Note the crossed-circle drawn next to the inverted picture of Charlie at the bottom of the sixth page of this letter.


Manson painting of the 1970s.



The bright spots are light reflections on the glass covering.



This is the back of the above painting. Note Charles Manson's signature and the four crossed-circle symbols.


Back of envelope sent 02.23.2006.



Note the swastika forming a crossed-circle near the center of the envelope.


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