"I agree that Manson master-minded the Zodiac serial killer case

and was assisted by a few others."

Dave Peterson

Former Police reporter and premier Zodiac Expert


We were saddened by the information of Dave Peterson's passing on December 2, 2001. Dave had been the police reporter for the Vallejo Times-Herald newspaper when the first murders attributable to the Zodiac occurred on Lake Herman Road in Vallejo, California, December 20, 1968. He then became deeply involved in the case. As one of the most noted experts on the Zodiac, he wrote many articles on the case including some exclusives. He was one of the very first to think that there could possibly be a link between the Zodiac and Charles Manson.


It was very enjoyable working with Dave in exploring "The Zodiac/Manson Connection." He had a wealth of documents and information regarding the Zodiac case of which many are published in "The Zodiac/Manson Connection" book for the first time ever. Dave will be greatly missed.


"I have always believed that Manson and the Zodiac killer were connected"

Frank Fowles

Former Inyo County District Attorney and Vallejo Attorney


"There's going to be some big things happening (Helter-Skelter?) in the next few days. And it's really something. Really something big is going to happen. I can't tell you yet but you'll read about it in the papers . . ."

Darlene Ferrin

Zodiac Victim (Summer 1969)


"I didn't have anything to do with those killings, (He just masterminded the Tate-La Bianca murders!) with that group of murders there. But now, what I done that you don't know about could be ten times worse than that. (Zodiac murders?) And I would be justified in doing it . . ."

Charles Manson



"Howard, Good luck on your new book on the Zodiac.

My best personal wishes always."

Vince Bugliosi
Author of "Helter Skelter"

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