Letters and Articles


Click here to see an Open Letter to Bruce Davis' Parole Board by Barbara Hoyt


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The Riverside Confession letter. Click to find the 19 spaces.

Article from the October 21, 1969 issue of the San Francisco Examiner, the paper Zodiac shunned.

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Zodiac's November 29, 1966 "Confession" Letter.  Both Zodiac letters sent that November were typed in CAPS.  Turn the second "6"  in 1966 upside down and it becomes 1969.


Zodiac's Nov. (?), 1969 Killer Letter was found in murder victim Doreen Gaul's room.

The Zodiac Killer letter. Click for a closer view.


White Rabbitt's letter to Blue

The "White Rabbitt" is former Family member Larry Melton.  "Blue" is Manson follower Sandra Good.  This is a 3 page letter he wrote to her. Note: He says Good ("Blue") sewed the Lake Berryessa Zodiac costume for Bruce Davis!  She was a seamstress and embroidery expert.


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The 340 Code

The Channel 9 letter

The Channel 9 letter's envelope

Dave Peterson extensively examined Zodiac's 340 code. To see what he found click on the thumb above.

Zodiac's 1978 letter to KHJ TV, Channel 9, in Los Angeles.

Here is the first look at the envelope used to mail the Channel 9 letter.


Zodiac's 1974 Christmas card to Donna Lass' sister. Click for explanation.

Zodiac's Washed Pen missive. Click to find out about a prediction.

Zodiac's Birds Fly South paste-up. Click for an explanation.

Never before reproduced - A Christmas card from Zodiac to Donna Lass' sister.

Did Zodiac make a prediction in his Washed Pen card?

Zodiac's little known paste-up message sent to the Sacramento Bee.


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