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Posted 2009-08-05:
(Updated 2009-08-12)
Carl Rosaia asks:
Leona Roberts was found nude and the only thing she had was a ring on her ring finger.
David Faraday was found clenching a ring in his hand.
The two were noted as dying on Dec 21, one in 1968 one in 1969.
A misprint in the Chronicle says Faraday died on Dec 21, 1969 while it was written in Nov 69.
The stamp on the Halloween Card has an Apollo 8 stamp on it.
The ring finger is also known as the Apollo finger.
The Apollo 8 mission was in full swing on Dec 21st. [Apollo 8 was launched on December 21, 1968.]
Why do you suppose two things?
Why out of all the dates that Zodiac had for killing or sending letters did he choose the date Dec 21  twice?
All the letters containing stamps on them are all consistent using president stamps except the single Apollo 8 stamp. Why do you feel Z chose the Apollo 8 stamp for this Letter / card?
In my view, Zodiac wrote one letter posted 12/20/69 to Melvin Belli. This could indicate Zodiac was harking back to his 12/20/68 attack at Lake Herman Road. Zodiac, at Lake Berryessa on 9/27/69, left on the victim's car door in felt tip pen, "12/20/68", indicating he was claiming credit for those murders. I don't find any other letters dated 12/20/ of any year.
Of interest to me is that two females, Nancy Warren and Clyda Delaney, were viciously murdered in Northern California on 10/13/68 and Zodiac sent a letter posted on 10/13/69, a year to the day of the crime there. It has been thought by some authorities that a member(s) of Manson's group may have been involved. Some of them were in the area of the murders at that time and Manson was very angry with the authorities there for arresting some of his people, etc.
So you can see there are different views.
The Pines card was sent on 3/22/71, the one-year anniversary of the Kathleen Johns attack.
Leona Roberts, the female you refer to with the "ring," disappeared 12/10/69 and Zodiac – as I believe – had mailed a torn page from an astrology magazine with a paste up message (as given in our book) on that same day. Ms. Roberts body was found 12/28/69 and that is the Date of Death given on her Certificate of Death and other reports posted elsewhere on this site. She is not officially considered a Zodiac victim.
So we have only one one-year-to-the-day anniversary letter date. Possibly two for those who accept the Kathleen Johns attack as being made by Zodiac.
Taking Zodiac's sometimes to-the-day anniversary dates into consideration, the Halloween Card was postmarked 10/27/70. This harks back to 10/27/69 when Bruce Davis was released from jail. (Manson, Davis and others were arrested at Barker Ranch in Death Valley at 6:30 PM on 10/12/69.) Go back thirteen months to 9/27/69 and that was the date of the Zodiac attack at Lake Berryessa
On 7/27/69 the Manson people killed Gary Hinman. They also murdered Jerome "Shorty" Shea during a full moon on 8/27/69.
So, as an FYI only, we have the dates of: 7/27/69, 8/27/69, 9/27/69 10/27/69 and 10/27/70.
Actually, the Apollo stamp as found on the 10/27/70 Zodiac card was used on the 10/5/70 “bloody cross” card, too. (Bruce Davis was born 10/5, FYI.) I don't see an Apollo or ring finger connection, but there could possibly be a connection to the "In the beginning God..." on the stamp. Zodiac was certainly not a firm believer or promoter of God as seen in his letters and as we view his crimes, etc.! For him to select a stamp like this it would certainly have to focus on that Biblical verse. Since I believe there was a Charles Manson connection to Zodiac, I see this as referring to Manson who told his people he was "God" come “to earth for the last time.”
We all have various speculations about this difficult complex case because it is unsolved. But we all have that freedom, which is good. HD


Posted 2009-09-03:
Anonymous asks:
The latest "Story" by Debra Perez, AKA  JFK's illegitimate daughter, AKA helped her step dad the Zodiac she says,,,,,,,,,,,, has said she knows that her step dad, Guy Hendrickson, knew Manson and all the hippies he hung with,,,,,, have you EVER heard of this GUY?
Has she ever contacted you?
Thank you!
Ms. Perez seems sincere. I think that she is deriving her information from "recovered" childhood memories - a very controversial subject in psychiatry. Her counselor, though a dedicated professional, seems to have assisted this process and may even be convinced to some degree she did experience the events of her past as they supposedly relate to her father being the Zodiac killer!
We had been in contact by emails from time to time, but not recently. She and I did agree that it would be forensics that would determine the validity of her claims and not her memory of past events. That would be the cart before the horse!
I have no real proof her father had anything to do with Manson at any time. Ms. Perez can't supply any evidence either, except for childhood memories. Even if her father did know Manson and some associates this does not make him the Zodiac!
Again, I think this whole scenario was brought about by her counseling with recovered memories experiences coupled with her own research into many of the suspects and theories about Zodiac, including historical events, etc. This is from what I found about her connection to Zodiac research.
She may have been hypnotized (her counselor does practice clinical hypnosis) during some of her counseling sessions, hence a hybrid of information.
This is my theory of the supposed Perez connection to Zodiac. HD


Posted 2009-09-08:
Jack Paddock asks:
I read that David Berkowitz ["Son of Sam" Serial killer] had ties to Manson. (Was) his satanic group part of Manson's?

Over the years, whenever I have run across this theory, I have never found any solid information to prove or verify any part of it.

Remember, for any killer writing to the police or newspapers after Zodiac's missive series, this can be a copycat or mimic approach by also writing public letters to get over their agenda, etc. In other words, they were inspired by Zodiac's killing/letter writing MO.
We find the BTK serial killer mentioning Zodiac in one of his letters so he knew about Zodiac's letters and criminal career and this, no doubt, inspired him to write public oriented letters, etc. HD


Posted 2010-02-23:
(Updated 2010-03-05)
Carl Rosaia replies:
I found your answer interesting. I believe you stated that Leona was not OFFICIALLY a Zodiac victim. This is definitely interesting to me because it is definitely a false premise. Back in the 1970s there was a task force set up for the Zodiac Killer and the first victim they linked to the Zodiac was Leona . . .
. . . It is appropriate to mention that the military had WEE [Western Equine Encephalitis] and EEE [Eastern Equine Encephalitis] weaponized for military use in 1969. And coincidently Nixon banned the use of said weapons in  Dec. 1969. Who had access and knowledge of this sort of weapon?
Its also mentionable that WEE and EEE are carried by mosquitoes and in November, but mostly in late October, mosquitoes go into a hibernation. No cases of WEE or EEE were reported to Centers of Disease Control. Friends and family members always questioned how it was that she was abducted and then died of an unknown virus that authorities attribute to a mosquito bite . . .
 . . . Answer this for me:
. . . First off in Nov 1969 just one month prior to the Leona kidnapping Zodiac threatened the Bay Area with an Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Bomb, very similar to the more recent works of the late Timothy McVey. These threats needed to be looked at from the perspective of a military weapons expert to verify that they were actually crude but could be constructed using easily purchased materials.
ONE MONTH not a very long span of time.
Zodiac wrote: "If you think I am going to take on a school bus like I said you should have holes in your head." . . .
I have already dealt with Leona. [See above.] She is a possible Zodiac victim, that's all I can say after researching her case. As found in our book, I was the first to point to the "Want Zodiac" paste up that was sent to the Sacramento Bee newspaper, and how the envelope postmark date lined up with Leona's disappearance.
She was found at a lagoon or a body of water. So there is a "water connection" for those so inclined. Manson himself - as per his close friend Paul Watkins - told some in the Family they had to do certain things near a body of water and where roads intersected. He used Revelation, chapter 10 to indicate why. Remember, he felt he was the returned Christ (and the Devil all in one person! FYI.)
The virus that is mentioned (and that was supposedly found in Leona) could be obtained by horse owners to counteract mosquito bites imperiling a horse’s health. At the Spahn Ranch where Manson lived there were numerous mosquitoes that people would complain about, and of course lots of horses. They needed vet attention from time to time and they needed county approval for having so many horses, etc. Manson or Bruce Davis could certainly have obtained that virus vaccine. If something was illegal they could still get it! FYI
The bomb Zodiac describes was found in many anti-detection and paramilitary type books sold in the 1960s - 70s time period. They could, as Zodiac said, be obtained on the “open market.” We know Zodiac threatened to "blow people up," but never did. Patricia Krenwinkel said that, "Bruce Davis was always saying he was going to blow somebody up" but she thought "it was all talk." There was a bomb maker that on occasion was a Manson associate. Danny DeCarlo knew bomb making, too. He was an expert on firearms. HD


Posted 2010-05-01:
Anonymous asks:
I recently read that Dr. George Hodel, the potential Black Dahlia killer, ran a public health clinic at the "First Street Clinic" in Los Angeles. I also read that members of the Manson family received VD shots at this clinic. Is it not possible that Hodel had befriended the "Family" there? The famous Zodiac police sketch, to me, matches George Hodel and not Bruce Davis. However, Dr. Hodel kept Davis in mind when he planned the Zodiac murders. For examples, using slang expressions in the Zodiac letters, known to be used by Bruce Davis. (W)hat do you think?

This is well known and it's even mentioned in books about Manson and I do know that some in the Family went to a clinic in San Francisco because of VD. I am uncertain if any of them went to a clinic in Los Angeles for this same purpose. In the books The Family as well as My Life With Charles Manson going to a clinic for VD is mentioned. I would refer you to these two books.

I do not in any way believe that Dr. George Hodel was the Zodiac or was involved in any way. I favor Davis as being very close to the Zodiac composite. I had an anatomical artist that had worked for IBM compare transparencies she made of Davis and the Zodiac composite and it was her opinion they matched as to basic bone structure, etc. She was quite surprised.
I lean towards Davis being involved in the Zodiac scenario as found in Dave Peterson's forward to my book. No one knows who the Zodiac was as to proving it with sound forensic evidence that would stand up in court. It is an unsolved case.
See my book as well as the Zodiac Vortex website [See the Related Site Links page.] and see how Davis "morphs" into the Zodiac composite. There are other Zodiac suspects to compare there, too. This site has some interesting indentation frames of some Zodiac missives. HD


Posted 2010-05-14:
Jeff Butler asks:
There was a ring found on Leona Roberts with the initials JAS. One of Manson's family members went by the name Joseph Andrew Shumacker. Has this ever been looked in to?
I believe the Manson Family was involved along with a bigger player who had a lot to gain.
I believe the 340 cipher was made up of many ciphers and is a manifesto of who killed the victims and the names of the killers. I believe the Zodiac was never acting alone.
Good sharp eye! But, it was found to be the initials of a friend of Leona’s who gave her the ring. It had been cleared up and published in the newspapers. HD [Click here and see the third newspaper article on the Leona Roberts page.]


Posted 2010-07-07:
Powell asks:
Is there any DNA work being currently done (Cold case wise) to keep Bruce Davis behind bars?
To my knowledge, no, there is no testing currently being done. Dave Peterson, the former police reporter for the Vallejo Times-Herald newspaper who had researched the Zodiac case since the first attack in 1968, had some connection in the FBI. I don't know how close they were, but Dave told me he had some degree of influence. He requested I send him some letters from Bruce Davis that I had to have them checked for DNA and then have the profile run for any possible matches that could come up.
After some time Dave’s friend, or connection, told him he was returning the letters because it was stopped at the top.” (Or "blocked from the top'' or words to that effect.) He, or this employee of the FBI, did all he could to get the letters checked for DNA - but was thwarted. Dave was upset as was I. We both thought we finally had someone who would help us. It took several weeks - possibly one month or more - before Dave could get my letters back from the FBI.
For having Bruce Davis' record being checked at Criminal Identification and Investigation (CII) in Sacramento and how it, too, failed please see Detective Charles Davis' email. [Click here.] We finally heard from Charlie after years of trying to locate him to confirm my story about my previous contact with him and his former partner when they had a detective agency near where I worked at the time. Actually, he contacted us when he found our book on the Internet!
Another failed attempt was by a lady who was involved in security and who knew a former detective, then retired in Sacramento or its environs, who knew people at CII, etc. He even told her he will “get the information” on Bruce Davis. After a short time he called this lady and told her in so many words he could "not" obtain any records as they had "Davis buried deep." She said those were his very words, "buried deep"! HD


Posted 2010-09-10:
Diane asks:

On your website you write about Kathleen Johns, "From her past experiences with patients (she was a nurse) she felt he was mentally ill." Is this highly interesting point a part of the interview with Kathy?


This comment was from the interview that Kathleen Johns had with Robert Graysmith. She had approved of this interview as being correct. When we interviewed her we ran out of tape. There were other things she said that didn’t get recorded. She said the driver, from his hard, cold stare with no trace of emotion in his voice along with his whole demeanor, seemed like some of the patients she had dealt with. She used to work with patients that had mental issues and I think she even said she had been to where one of the Manson girls, Leslie Van Houton, was in prison! She said, "He obviously was sick," he had "deadpan eyes" and he was “not aware what he was doing or that it was him doing it.”


A friend of Kathleen’s, a Ms. Davis, (who was also a nurse) confirmed by telephone that Johns had worked with these kinds of patients when she was younger and that the stranger driving had reminded Kathy of some of those patients. She also said Kathy had told her the story many times in answer to Davis' questions and had wept over that fact that some were not only accusing her of lying but making fun of her too. Davis thought that since Kathy was “hippie-like” that the redneck type or country police out there didn't take her story seriously.

When you put together all of the various interviews Kathleen Johns did it makes a fairly complete story. All basic elements agree.  HD


Posted 2011-02-10:
Michael Oliver asks:
Why do you persist to suspect Bruce Davis in the Zodiac killings when the police have cleared him in each and every case? Do you have information other than what has been stated? Most of what I have seen is just random speculation that no trained investigator would view as evidence.
Thank you for your question. I have wished many times that I had a different suspect. But I have followed a tip I received in 1974. From researching this tip Bruce Davis is the only suspect I could connect to Zodiac. If it had not been for this tip I probably would not have researched the Zodiac case. It has been very difficult.
We are dealing with a person who lived a nomadic or transient lifestyle and left very few clues. Many have told me Bruce Davis was “very secretive or mysterious.” According to old members of Charles Manson's clan they all “feared” him. Getting information on him has been worse than pulling teeth. People have ruled Davis out because of his handwriting – examples taken from letters written in the latter 1980s and 1990s! As two experts have told me, handwriting can change over the years. And who says that the clue-conscious Zodiac even used his real writing style? Is there any proof? There is none!
I greatly dislike researching Davis and the Manson Family. I, as you say, "persist" because continuously, at junctures of time, new information arises. I will give some examples:
For several years I felt it was necessary to find a connection between Bruce Davis and Lake Tahoe from where Donna Lass vanished. Some suspect, as I do, that this was done by Zodiac. Some don't. Then I obtained a parole report for Bruce Davis. In this report Davis says that he “worked in [Lake] Tahoe” and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (Vallejo Police Department reports say Darlene Ferrin and her husband went to Harrisburg!). Davis says he had a "fake driver's license." He had said in an interview that while in Lake Tahoe there were two “older ladies” he associated with. He has said he worked as a “bar boy” (as they called them then) and as a waiter. Was this in the same hotel/casino where Donna worked? I don't know. But here is a man that was from a small town in Tennessee and he worked in Lake Tahoe. Now, if someone who was a suspect worked or visited Lake Tahoe and they lived in the North Bay area this would not be, in my view, as notable.
Donna Lass' sister Mary sent us a work bio of her younger sister from 1965 to 1970. I was very surprised to learn that Donna had lived in Santa Barbara, California from '67-69. I had known she worked at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, but not as early as '67. We have a picture of Charles Manson's 1967 driver’s license on our site. It shows what I had known for some years that he lived in Santa Barbara off-and-on on Bath St. Bruce Davis visited there between 1967 and 1970. Cottage Hospital is on the corner of Bath St./Pueblo, only a short distance from Manson’s address. Manson’s address is also quite close to where Donna lived. [Click here to see the Lass Related Information page.]
Zodiac told Brian Hartnell and Cecelia Shepard at Lake Berryessa he was an escaped convict from Deer Lodge, Montana. The only other city named Deer Lodge I could find in all of the US is in Tennessee, and not that far from where Davis was reared.
From a letter he wrote I placed Davis in Anaheim, California in 1964-66. According to Ed Sanders, who had a private detective helping him, he left the area in "Nov.'66 dropping out and becoming a transient under grounder." (The Confession letter was sent Nov. 29,1966!) Anaheim is close to Riverside or about a 30 minute or less drive in those days. Davis can be placed near the Cheri Bates murder in Riverside. As per the newspapers and the yearbook for Riverside City College, which I have, there was a massive construction project going on at the college during ‘66-‘67. Union workers came from all over to work there. Davis was a pipe fitter/painter/welder and was a union member. The general contractor was Near Cal in Anaheim, very near where Davis lived at that time.
I have no hard proof Davis killed Bates, but I can place him in that area at that time. His prison counselor taught school at one of the high schools in Riverside back then. He told a friend of mine that, in conversation, Davis told him he lived in Riverside for a time. One researcher then found that Davis had lived on Lemon St. in Riverside in late 1966 very close to the Riverside Police Department and to Cheri's home and the RCC. [Click here to see the Anaheim/Riverside page.]
As an aside, according to the phone book, there was a "Zodiac" print shop in Anaheim in the ‘60's. Davis was Editor in Chief (I always think of Zodiac’s “Dear Editor” letter opening) of his high school yearbook so it's possible he may have worked there as he has said he took various jobs outside his profession for short periods of time.
There are many things that others and I have discovered that are not in our book or on our site to date. I keep being amazed at connections I am finding, but it takes lots of time, money and patience. There is more than enough to keep me searching or believe me I would have dropped this whole burdensome task long ago!
You mention Law Enforcement having “cleared” Davis. But who has not solved a 45 year-old case even with all of the evidence that has been accumulated? Why are we here? We are the result of LE failing – for whatever reasons – to catch Zodiac! Numerous times in criminal history has there been a suspect that was "cleared" only many years later to find “new evidence” showing the cleared suspect to be the perpetrator!
I understand your question. I fully realize what I am doing and will continue to, as you say, “persist.” I have tried to bring out Zodiac facts and to discover anything that might apply to the case. I have tried to help others with their research if I have been able and it was prudent. I have made contacts with those that may shed light on the case.
I also think of the victims and their families. Justice is delayed for them. My prayer is that Law Enforcement and/or researchers will be able to solve this case. It does not matter by whom, just that it is solved. And if the Zodiac Killer is still alive, as I suspect, then that he be brought before a court of law to answer. Thank you again for your direct question. – HD


Posted 2011-09-20:
Charles R asks:
Now that all the former family members are "born again" (the ones in prison) have they been interviewed about any knowledge about the Zodiac?
I have studied the Manson case and read all the books and reports, etc. but still familiarizing myself with Zodiac. Watson is now a minister and expresses sympathy and remorse for his victims as do Krenwinkel, Davis and Van Houten. If they are truly born again and sorry for their crimes wouldn't they reveal any information if any to ease the suffering of the victims' families? Have they been questioned? Have other former members such as Clem and others out on the streets been questioned? Wouldn’t it be worth the time and effort to do so?
Also I read Tex Watson's book and he expresses sympathy for the Tate/LaBianca victims. Wasn’t he said to have been involved in Shorty's murder? How come he was not charged when others involved said he was a part of it? Wouldn’t he express the same sympathy to the Shea family as well? But he never mentions it in his book. Just curious. Thank you for your time.
Charles, Thanks for your question.
Bruce Davis was questioned about Riverside at our suggestion by a BBC interviewer and when he was asked about Riverside he showed surprise (his head was resting on his hand and his elbow slipped!) but he did not answer the question. We later found out from a prison counselor of his that Davis had lived in Riverside. This counselor had been a teacher there in the 1960s, and this caused Bruce to mention to him that he had lived in Riverside then. But when I wrote to the counselor he said that since he “works with Davis” he did not feel he should further “discuss anything personal,” etc. I felt Davis had told him not to communicate with me.
Davis was asked by an old friend, again, at our suggestion, if he had been involved in the Zodiac case in any way and his reply was, “I have not been charged in the Zodiac case so I can't answer that question.”
In a 1974 CII interview Davis was asked about a double homicide that many in Law Enforcement knew he had information concerning. He refused to cooperate with the Agent interviewing him. This exemplifies his stance - one of non-cooperation. This posture that he has taken over the years certainly must be one of the hindrances to his parole and release from prison.
Since I know Davis' past fairly well I do know he took various drugs - as he has said, LSD, marijuana, speed, cocaine, etc. He said he started taking drugs around 1965/6 when he lived in Anaheim and didn’t stop until he was in prison. It is well known that these drugs can create micro damage in the brain and the all-important limbic area, which has to do with judgment, emotions, etc.
I think Davis is not thinking and reasoning properly and has shown this over the years. On top of this he was diagnosed with borderline complex personality disorders. These people are mentally impaired to some degree due to their pre-prison life styles.
Charles "Tex" Watson has been asked, in some cases through a third party, about the Zodiac case and has never given any information. The fact that he was partly responsible for Jerome "Shorty" Shea's death and has not admitted it shows his inclination to not “talk.”
Years ago I tried to find out through a contact if the late Susan Atkins knew about the Zodiac case. She indicated her “memory of the past was very poor” and that she could not help. She did tell me by letter that she did remember going to Sacramento, CA (this happened in December 1968) with some in the Manson group and could recall the house where they visited and “even the driveway” but that was about it. The owner of that house had a small candy company and his name was Phil. Manson called candy, "zezos." Note the Zs. He conjured up other names with Zs. To him Z was the last letter in line - so an important letter.

As to why these people have not come forward with information on other crimes they must know about is anyone's guess. As is well known and as Davis has said, you don't snitch in prison. It can be fatal. Also, their lawyers no doubt have told them, as any lawyer will say, do not talk about crimes you have not been charged with. I will agree prison is a very dangerous place to talk to Law Enforcement! But, if they have made a profession of faith they should.

I will also say, and this is not an excuse for not helping LE, but being converted in prison is not like going to church on the outside and entering and learning a new faith. They learn about faith in a hostile environment, a synthetic life style filled with hardened criminals. They also seem to feel that they are “forgiven by God” as the late Susan Atkins has said and that the “past is gone.” But what they don't consider is that this is an inward spiritual matter and the justice system deals with law, judgment and society - two different concepts.
Remember, these now ex-Manson members entered prison as criminals and murderers themselves, and had no faith for many years. Being human they all want to get out of prison. If they confess to being involved in other crimes they were not charged with it will be a much longer stay - probably for life. And, of course they will forever sleep with one eye open! – HD


Posted 2012-04-27:
Pinemarten asks:
I was looking at the Zodiac article at Wikipedia and followed links to the cipher investigations. I noticed an instance that doesn't seem to be explained that I have a theory about. The first three letters at the end of the 408 are “EBE”. Could these three letters be the real name or initials of Zodiac? Ebe is a common name. The translation would roughly be “Ebe faces east to the hidden place. End”.
Much has been said and written concerning this topic; but no one has brought us to a definable termination or solution with the standard rules of code verification. Until that time all are certainly welcome to develop any plausible theory they can because who knows if that will be the long sought after solution! You have something, so keep on thinking and researching outside the box - don't even see a box! It is admirable that you and others have taken the time and engaged in focusing on such difficult Zodiac case components. I applaud you and them!
Zodiac wrote about his first, 3-part code, “In this cipher is my identity.” With the famed word jumble at the end of the code I see Zodiac as possibly referring to the revolutionary Robert Emmet (with a possible double meaning of Robert E. Lee.) One definition of the word identity means to identify with or “the quality or condition of being the same as something else,” (The American Heritage Dictionary) and this may have been Zodiac's intent.
Then after the cipher was solved it showed that he instead had said, “I will not give you my name because you will try to sloi (sic) down or stop my collecting of slaves,” i.e. victims. The name is personal and can mean John Doe or some such name. He tells us that if he gives his personal or real name he will get caught! Not too hard to understand!
Now, we do know Zodiac used monikers, his most used and well-known one being “Zodiac.” They are: Zodiac-Z, the Killer, the Murderer, rh, Secret Pal, Me, a friend, Red Phantom-RP, a Citizen. So if he does place his “name” in a code it may be another moniker like, if I am right, Robert Emmet, etc.
Of course, Zodiac could and did change and may have cleverly inserted his real name in a code. That remains to be seen, but it is something we should keep looking for. – HD
Posted 2012-07-10:
Barbara asks:
I am wondering if anyone has ever checked the back of the postage stamps for DNA. That technology might not have been available at the time the letters were sent.
As with the “bloody” fingerprints left on Paul Stine’s cab in San Francisco, there is some confusion and controversy regarding DNA relative to the Zodiac. The following letters have been found to have only a very few cells for possible DNA testing: 11/08/69, 12/20/69, 4/20/70, 6/26/70, 7/24/70, 7/26/70, 10/13/70 and 1/29/74.
There are about seven Zodiac letters that are missing from the San Francisco Police Department Evidence Archives. This is a massive dereliction of duty and is professionally inexcusable. Somehow, however, the three 7/31/69 letters turned up (!) some time ago and they were tested.
As to stamps, no saliva has been found on any of them, despite the claims of some, with the exception of the 4/24/78 missive. A DNA sample was obtained but this has not been proven to be an authentic Zodiac letter.
See Zodiac Unmasked by Robert Graysmith, page 434. – HD



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