Leona Roberts - Possible Zodiac Victim?

Leona Roberts was abducted from her boyfriends apartment in Rodeo, California after an apparent struggle on December 10, 1969. Her body was found on December 26, 1969 at Bolinas Lagoon approximately 15 miles northwest of San Francisco and not far from Mt. Tamalpias. See map.

A possible suspect in her disappearance was described as being a white male adult, about 25 years old, short blond hair, 5 feet, 8 inches tall, 180 pounds with a smooth complexion. In other words - he was "clean-cut." He was driving a blue station wagon. (See Police report below.)

Some think Roberts may have been the victim of the Zodiac Killer. A little known Zodiac paste-up message was sent to the Sacramento Bee newspaper on December 10, 1969 - the day Roberts was abducted. This "Want Zodiac" message is reproduced for the first time ever in "The  Zodiac / Manson Connection" book. It was obtained from the late Vallejo Times-Herald newspaper police reporter, Dave Peterson, who had gotten it from detectives.

It is impossible to determine at this time if Leona Roberts was a Zodiac victim. Some have mentioned the astrological angle. We do know that the "first" Bay Area Zodiac attack was on December 20, 1968, a time when there was a new moon in Capricorn. At the time of the Leona Roberts disappearance  there was a new moon in Capricorn. This can simply be a coincidence. (The moon changes astrological signs every 2.5 days - twelve times per month.)

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Police Report on Leona Roberts Disappearance 




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The Water Connection


Water held a very important place in the symbolic teachings of Celtic / Druid lore. Charles Manson studied these subjects and in at least one taped interview affirmed Druidism. Manson instructed the Family that, whenever possible, they were to conduct their "activities" near water or it's symbolic representation. As Manson went so went Bruce Davis - both believed alike.

Cheri Jo Bates was killed at
Riverside City College in Riverside, California. The killer's car was parked on Riverside Drive. In a typed letter the killer indicated that Bates was not the first.

Go back to 1963 and a couple was killed in Santa Barbara near
water. This case is unsolved. In 1964 the unsolved Seaside Honeymoon Murders in San Diego were committed right next to the ocean. In Zodiac's 1968 attack, the couple was murdered on Lake Herman Road, very near the lake itself. In 1969 Zodiac attacked a couple at Blue Rock Springs. He may have left the area using Lake Herman Rd. The killer made his phone call from the intersection of Tuolumne and Springs Road. In September of that year he attacked another couple at Lake Berryessa and made a phone call from near the Napa Car Wash. Came October and Zodiac murdered a cab driver in San Francisco on Washington St. very near to a fire hydrant. At least one suspected Zodiac killing took place in Lake County. Donna Lass (a possible Zodiac victim) was murdered near Lake Tahoe.

On at least one occasion the killer appeared in
Navy-like clothing. Zodiac was also interested in astrology and when the attack dates and times are astrologically charted the three water signs and their associated planets figure prominently.