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           Howard Davis


This startling book the result of over 14 years of intense research, was featured on


America's Most Wanted.


Each book comes with an extra 12 pages of discoveries

made after the book was first printed.


Due to recent arrangements we are now able to offer this $19.95 book at a greatly reduced price!


Price: $5.95 plus $7.00 Shipping and Handling for US orders

or $13.00 Shipping and Handling for foreign orders.

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The Kathleen Johns Interview


An exclusive interview with the only Zodiac victim to escape -


Hear Ms. Johns' startling account of how she survived the abduction.


Detective J. Smith and Dr. Howard  Davis  were privileged to interview Kathleen Johns on New Years Day, 1998. She is the "woemen"  Zodiac referred to in his July 24, 1970 missive: "This is the Zodiac speaking. I am rather unhappy because you people  will not wear some nice buttons. So I now have a little list, starting with the woeman and her baby that I gave a rather interesting ride for a coupple howers one evening a few months back  that ended in my burning her car where I found them."


You can read about this incident in "The Zodiac / Manson Connection." If it was the Zodiac that Ms. Johns escaped from (as some researchers believe) she is the only Zodiac victim to escape unharmed and as author Robert Graysmith says,

". . . lived to tell about it"!


This fascinating and one of a kind interview with Kathleen Johns takes place in a restaurant, but despite some background noise, is overall very clear. In the interview you will hear facts that lead us to believe she was definitely a Zodiac victim.


You will hear startling information from the only person to have escaped from the

Zodiac Killer!


We were sorry to hear that Kathleen Johns passed away from a massive heart attack on May 1, 2002. We firmly believe that she was abducted by Zodiac and given, as Zodiac said, "a rather interesting ride". Though she has left this life her testimony remains.


Two 60 minute audio Compact Discs

Price: $6.95 plus $4.00 Shipping and Handling for US orders

or $7.00 Shipping and Handling for Foreign orders.

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Exclusive New Item


The Zodiac Killer Related Videos on DVD


The ONLY interview of Darlene Ferrin's father, Leo Suennen (now deceased), ever recorded, circa 1997. Darlene was the 3rd murder victim of the Zodiac. Length = 37:26.
An interview with Darlene Ferrin's sister, Christina. She identifies a photo of Bruce Davis and gives other important information. Recorded circa 1997. Length = 16:01.
An interview with Brenda Harrison (not her real name) who had a similar experience on a Los Angeles freeway as that of Robin Graham. Both incidents happened in 1970. Robin disappeared and has not been seen since. Brenda identifies a photo of Bruce Davis. Recorded December 2, 1993. Length = 10:41.

Price: $6.95 plus $4.00 Shipping and Handling for US orders

or $7.00 Shipping and Handling for Foreign orders.

(See the special packages below.)

(Note: This DVD is available in two video / audio formats, NTSC 720x480 / AC3 48kHz or PAL 720x576 / MP2 48kHz. The United States and Japan primarily use NTSC formatting. PAL formatting is used in the rest of the world. However, when you order the DVD you will be asked which formatting you prefer.)



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