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The following is a list of sites that are recommended by Howard Davis:


Dr. Zodiac


Zodiac Vortex - This is NOT a pro-Manson site!


Hunting the Zodiac


Other Sites of Interest - The most completely accurate information of these crimes available on the Internet.



Every Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern time, StarCityRadio presents live


The Tate LaBianca Radio Program


This is a very interesting show that has interviewed many people that in some way have a relationship to the crimes for which Charles Manson was responsible. Some guests are well known, some are not but they all have a lot to say. Just log on to the site with your computer every Sunday. Most of the past interviews are available as podcasts that you can freely listen to or download and listen to on your computer.


On Sunday, September 30, 2012, to start the second season of this show, host Brian Davis interviewed author Howard Davis about Zodiac suspect Bruce Davis. This was the most complete interview Howard has ever been able to give and he explains how and why Bruce Davis is our prime suspect for being the Zodiac Killer. This interview lasts for well over an hour and is now available as a podcast to download or listen to at


The Tate LaBianca Radio Program Podcast Page