Charles Mansonís release papers from the Federal Correctional Institution, Terminal Island, Los Angeles, California.


From early 1956 to late 1958 Manson was imprisoned at Terminal Island for stealing a 1951 Mercury. In 1961 Manson was convicted of trying to cash a government check and was first sentenced to McNeil Island in the state of Washington. He ended up back at Terminal Island in 1966. When he was released in 1967 he told the releasing officer he didnít want to leave.


This is the one-of-a-kind document that the young Charles Manson personally signed when he was released from Terminal Island before he went off into the perdition of which we all are familiar. His now, well known probation officer signed a second parole form. This gave Manson permission to go and seek family and employment. He was not able to locate his mother.


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All written articles, TV specials, films, etc., mention Charles Manson signing out for release and leaving FCI, Terminal Island.








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