Detective Charles Davis Located

Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 12:24 PM
Det. Charlie,

Here is what I remember:


I informed you and your then partner what my ex-Brother-In-Law had told me about a "male member" of the Manson Family. No name was given for whom it was. This Family member was “responsible for two Manson related murders” that he was tried for and convicted of. He said that when this Family member’s personal effects had been examined they “came across the Zodiac hood, knife and other evidence.” No further items were mentioned.


He also said that there was a private meeting in which a legal expert was brought in to assess the discovery and its implications. They were told that it would cost some two million dollars to try this suspect as "Zodiac" up in Northern California and that the same penalty would be given, or a life sentence, that had already been decided in a court of law. Also, that it was possible, due to the conditions of the case, that he could be freed in a court trial there. It was later decided, since they barely got him on the two homicides in Southern California and they had spent some one million dollars on the case plus thousands of man-hours, that they would simply allow him to serve his time. My ex-Brother-In-Law told me “they had it set so that he would never get out of prison.”


You then proposed to test this story, as it were, by contacting a person - a detective - you knew in Colorado. This person knew an Archivist that could find Davis' CII records in Sacramento. You were confident - based on past experience - that the records would be found and sent to you through your contact in Colorado.


After some time you called me at work and asked me to come to your detective agency office. When I arrived you informed me, with your partner present, that the Archivist asked your Colorado contact, “What has Davis done as I can't get his records - there was no way to obtain them.” The Archivist found a computer number, but when he brought it up it stated “records not available.” He said he could get Manson's records and other Family members, even well known criminals, but not Davis’. He later spoke to another Archivist and he was told the records for Davis were in a “safe upstairs and needed a court order to be unsealed.”


All of this convinced or at least gave some presumption to you and your partner that my story as given to me in 1974 by my, then, Brother-In-Law had some degree of merit.


Charlie, some are saying I never knew a detective Charlie Davis and the above account never took place and that my ex-Brother-In-Law never told me such a story in the first place.  I could not locate you to verify my story. This was difficult for me as I knew you did “exist” and that you did relate that account as given to me at your office. Your then partner, whose name I have forgotten, was a witness to your narrative as you gave it to me.

Most Sincerely,
Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 4:04 PM
Howard, hi!
The story you just related is basically correct.  My confidential, reliable sources went through confidential contacts at CII, Sacramento and they were unable to locate Bruce Davis' file.  We were interested in getting a copy of Davis' fingerprints to match with latents you had from a source.  If I remember correctly, this was a copy from latents recovered in a Riverside homicide that you had gotten and the crime was believed to be done by Zodiac.
Our reliable sources said that Davis' information wasn't available to employees at CII and they did not know where the file had gone. This was the first time that my source in Colorado, through his sources, was not able to deliver.  I believe that my former partner Jim B. was present during our conversation.
My contacts were amazed that Bruce Davis' file, and prints, could not be located at CII.  This was, according to them, extremely unusual and they had no answer for this.  We just surmised, without evidence, that this just corroborated the story you had related to us that authorities had found evidence at Spahn Ranch (?) and for economic reasons the information was being covered up by certain public authorities to avoid the expense of another public circus type trial.
Now, I don't know if any of this is true because all of it is hearsay and I don't know what pressures or fears my contacts were experiencing through their inquiries. It just seemed odd that this file was not available.  I have lost contact with these sources and I know of two who are now deceased.  So we are probably just where we started.
Will they believe me without proof?  I doubt it.  People have their minds made up on this case.  I just believe that you really pieced together a very good case based upon circumstantial evidence.  It should be given just as much weight as any other belief regarding these crimes.
We probably will never know for certain as Bruce, Tex, Charlie and other family members will probably take it all to their graves.
Regards, Charlie

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