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Click on "A" on the map to see information about Bruce Davis.

Click on "B" on the map to learn what happened to Cheri Jo Bates.



Is Anaheim, California where Bruce Davis lived 1964-66.


Is Riverside, California where Cheri Jo Bates was murdered October 30, 1966.


Is Costa Mesa, California where Davis had lived.


Is Buena Park, California where Davis had also lived.

The distance between Anaheim and Riverside is 37 miles and the driving time is about 40 minutes. Newport Beach (in the bottom-left portion of the map) is where Cheri used to often go and where Davis has also said he spent some time. The distance between Riverside and Newport Beach is 48 miles with a driving time of about 50 minutes.



Riverside, California


It has been learned that Bruce Davis moved to Riverside, California from Anaheim at some time in 1966. His address there was 4159 Lemon Street. Cheri Jo Bates lived at 4195 Via San Jose. (Note the similarity in numbers.) Below is a map showing the proximity of these addresses. "A" (in the bottom-left corner of the map) is Cheri's address. "B" (in the upper-right corner of the map) is Davis'  address. The distance is 4.27 miles with a driving time of 12 minutes under normal conditions. Davis lived here until November 1966 at which time he dropped out of society and became a "transient under-grounder."




Riverside City College is now called Riverside Community College. Its mailing address is 4800 Magnolia Avenue, where the "A" is on the map below. It is 0.87 miles from this point to 4159 Lemon Street, Davis' address, where the "B" is. The RCC library is located on Terracina Drive just to the right of the "A".




The location where Davis lived is no longer a residential area. This area is now part of downtown Riverside. Lemon Street is a one-way street going north-east and Orange Street is a one-way street going south-west. It is presently unknown if this was the same situation in the 1960s.


The address of the Riverside Police Department is 4102 Orange Street, "B" on the map below. "A" on this map is where Davis' address was, 4159 Lemon Street, a mere stone's throw away. The bottom aerial photo shows what this area looks like after the redevelopment of the downtown area.




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