The many faces of Bruce McGregor Davis,

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 Zodiac Killer?


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Bruce Davis, Editor-In-Chief. Click photo for closer view.Bruce Davis gets Award. Click photo for closer view. Bruce Davis  was born Oct. 5 1942 in Monroe, Louisiana. He later moved to Tennessee where he attended Roane High school and held the position of Editor-in-Chief of the school year book. He also won a Scholastic Award in Social Science. In 1961, after graduation, he went to college in Knoxville.

Davis first came to California in 1962. He worked in Lake Tahoe and, as he says, "had a fake driver's license." He spent some time along the coast and traveled to Seattle, Washington where a friend saw him purchase military shoes at a PX. He came back to California in 1963 (a couple was murdered in the Santa Barbara area that same year) and made money working various jobs.

He returned to Tennessee but relocated back to California in 1964 (near the time of the San Diego Honeymoon murders.) He lived in Anaheim, Riverside, Buena Zodiac composite. Click for closer view.Park, Costa Mesa and spent some time in Newport Beach. Sonoma County Zodiac composite. Click for comparison.(Zodiac victim, Cheri Jo Bates frequented this location.) During this time he worked as a welder, painter, pipe fitter, general construction worker, long shore man, farm laborer, bar assistant, road surveyor, and mechanic. Finally "dropping out" of society in November 1966, (at the same time that the Zodiac wrote the Bates "Confession" letter) Davis became a "transient undergrounder." Riverside City College was undergoing a renovation during the years 1965 to 1967 and it is believed that Davis worked on that project from time to time.

After a short stint in jail for a drug charge, he was released for lack of evidence. Davis now admits to taking hard drugs from 1965 until 1967, including the hallucinogen LSD. He has a criminal history beginning in 1967 in Los Angeles County (CII:3 479 135.) In September of 1967, Davis met Charles Manson and became  an ardent follower. He traveled to England and other countries to spread Manson's word. While in England he associated with occultists and a "coven of witches" in Manchester. He also delved into the Process Church (a cult) and Scientology. He had studied these and other groups in the early  ' 60s. He worked in the mailroom at the center for Scientology in England but was fired for drug use.

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He came back to the US and traveled to Berkeley, CA. One witness states that he saw Davis in Berkeley in December of 1968 (near the time of the December 20, 1968 attack.)  After engaging in Manson Family activities (including two murders) he left again for England. (This was just after the Gaul / Sharp murders on November 21, 1969.) He was there only a short time and returned to California in early December 1969.

During most of 1970 he was pursued by the police and the FBI. The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office has said that, "Bruce Davis was Charlie's axe-man." He finally surrendered to Los Angeles authorities on December 2, 1970. He was tried and found guilty of two murders and sentenced to life in prison.

Bruce McGregor Davis is a suspect in several other murders and declines to talk when asked about the Zodiac crimes. Davis told a friend, "I have not been charged with those crimes so I cannot answer that question."


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Many criminal analysts believe that certain significant events can trigger a killer to strike. The death of Bruce Davis' father, Bert, was on 7/16/68. (See certificate below.) Davis refused to attend the funeral saying he was "resentful" of his father because of all the physical and mental abuses of the past. He said he "did attend the settling of his estate, took my share and again ran from the reminders of my past." Zodiac's first attack was on 12/20/68. Davis traveled to England that same month and year!




Bruce Davis' father's Death Certificate


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Picture from a Process magazine




Bruce Davis associated with the Process cult and studied their literature. This picture was found in a Process magazine.


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