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The following letter was sent to Donna Lass' older sister, Mary Pilker, from Police Reporter Dave Peterson. He had written a letter to Harry Martin to inform him about the Lass grave site and he thought Lass' sister should be made aware of it.


Peterson was always giving out information, even to those he disagreed with, because he wanted the case solved. He wished to promote any and all material in the hope that someone would come forward with vital information on the Zodiac case. Or at least on some cold case that was possibly connected to the Zodiac.









Donna Lass Biography


Note that Donna moved to Santa Barbara,  California 07-01-67. Charles Manson and some  friends were living at 705 Bath Street in Santa  Barbara in July 1967. Donna Lass did not leave  Santa Barbara until 04-01-69. Charles Manson,  Bruce Davis and others visited Santa Barbara off  and on during this time. Davis knew a guy in  Santa Barbara that had a Corvette. Santa Barbara  was a fairly small beach city then (1960  population: 58,758) and it would not be difficult to  spot the young, attractive nurse. It had been  unknown until recently (March 2009) when Don

Charles Manson's California Driver's License

na had moved to Santa Barbara. This discovery

came as a surprise.

But it was not completely unexpected.


We are grateful to Donna's sister Mary Pilker for providing these details.


Santa Barbara, California




(Lower-left) is Donna Lass' address, 515 Red Rose Lane, #4.


(Upper-left) is Cottage Hospital, 320 W. Pueblo Street. (The blue area.)


(Middle-right) is Manson's address, 705 Bath Street.

The distance from Lass' place to the hospital where she worked is 3.19 miles by way of the freeway with a driving time of 8 minutes. Manson's address was only 2.05 miles (7 minutes) away from her.


705 Bath Street


Picture from Google Maps.



The following documents have been kept in a 3-Ring binder by Mary Pilker. The white areas

along the left sides of them are where the holes were punched to put them in the binder.


Here is Donna Lass' Application for Employment with the Veterans Administration.




Here is Donna's copy of a Notification of Personnel Action issued by Letterman General Hospital.

Again you can see where the holes are punched.



It can be seen here that Donna worked at Letterman General Hospital in the Presidio of San Francisco. Zodiac, as is well known, went into the Presidio after killing Paul Stine - and vanished.



This is the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro that Donna had purchased from a young man in San Francisco. She was very proud of this car.





We superimposed the Zodiac's Symbol to see if it would fit the horizon of Donner Pass.



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