Zodiac's 11-08-69 Washed Pen Card




Turning the message upside down you can see dots and a slash below the exclamation bars and if counted they are in groups of 1, 3, 2.



According to Zodiac researcher Mike Rodelli this could be a subtle coded predictive reference to an attack on Highway 132 in Central CA. This did transpire about four months later on March 22, 1970 with Kathleen Johns as the victim. But she escaped. In the message in this card Zodiac says that, “you won't hear the bad news (the attack on 132?) for awhile yet (3/22/70?).”


Did Zodiac make a subtle reference to the place of his future attack as being "lonely", as given in his card missive, when he was referring to his mental state? Some had called this highway and the area itself “lonely” due to its sparse usage. At night, when the attack took place, this road would certainly be a “lonely” place.


Note in the message he writes that he might, "do my Thing!!!!!!" Note the upper case T. By his "Thing" he means murder. So "Thing", or killing, is connected to the six dots and slashes.


Of interest there are six lines below the word "Thing", and six dots and slashes below the six exclamation bars, which in total might mean 666, a symbol of evil, the occult, the antichrist and witchcraft. It is found in Revelation 13.


Three sixes total 18, or as in numerology using fadic addition, 1+8=9 or one of Zodiac's numbers. Adding 1+3+2 equals six.


Zodiac does enclose his second major cipher in this card so codes are on his mind.


Did Zodiac embed other codes in his missives too?


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