Are you interested in a weekly or occasional column by Gini Graham Scott? 

A new column on improving relationships in the workplace is "Work It Right!" that led to the popular book A Survival Guide for Working with Humans published by AMACOM books, which has its own website at and the follow-up book: A Survival Guide for Working with Bad Bosses. Recently, the book was licensed for publication in Thailand, and licensing arrangements in other countries are pending. 

Each column is approximately 700 words, and features a problem or issue at work, including problems with bad bosses, some submitted by readers, followed by a discussion of what to do.  It concludes with take-away tips, which you can include or not, depending on your space for the column. 

Here are a few samples.  Contact us for additional samples and to set up a regular weekly or occasional column for your newspaper, magazine, or newsletter.   And when you are ready to order, here are the pricing details, describing rates and terms.

         #1 -
Learning to Let 'Em Go      PDF     Word

         #2 - Watch Out for Confidences    PDF    Word

         #3 - When a Great Communicator Isn't    PDF   Word

         #4 - Watch Out for the Eggshells   PDF  Word

         #5 - When Sweet Revenge Isn't So Sweet   PDF   Word

         #6 - Don't Fight - Find Out!   PDF   Word

         #7 - Don't Resign Yourself - Redesign Yourself   PDF   Word

         #8 - Be a Problem Solver - Theirs, Not Yours   PDF   Word

         #9 - When You're Not in the Family   PDF   Word

         #10 - Beating the Recommendation Game   PDF   Word


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