Here's what they are saying about A Survival Guide to Working with Bad Bosses:



   "With examples from real work situations that resonate, Gini Graham Scott's new book offers pragmatic ways to respond for anyone who has a difficult boss and who wants to exert influence and a degree of control."

         Claire Kinlaw

         Developmental Products, Inc.



   "I wish I had A Survival Guide for Working with Bad Bosses ten years ago when I went through 3 bad bosses in a row and thought I was the only one at fault!  As a career and business coach, I will definitely recommend this book to my clients because it has no nonsense, practical tips on what to do.  It also helps new bosses avoid these pitfalls themselves.  I love this book!

         Susan Urquhart-Brown, M.A.

         Author of The Accidental Entrepreneur

         Principal, Career Steps Consulting



     "This book should be in the office of every HR manager."

         Joe Haraburda

         President and CEO

         Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce



      "Gini Graham Scott has done it again!  This is a terrific book with some great hands on advice.  As always, Gini combines practical sense and fun.  Pick it up -- laugh and learn!"

          Dale Marie Golden

          Vice President, Private Banking

          Wells Fargo Bank



       "For Gini's sake, I hope she hasn't personally had to deal with the entire array of 'bosses from hell' she describes in her new book!  Most employees, unfortunately, will be able to relate to at least one of the vignettes she's compiled.  Blessedly, they will also find tried and true solutions to whichever situation they're currently facing.  Thanks to Gini for telling it like it is!:
           Shari Dunn

           Managing Principal


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