Here are some programs that can be conducted for your group or organization based on A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR WORKING WITH BAD BOSSES or other books Gini Graham Scott has written on improving work relationships or on professional development.  Or let us create a program for your organization.  These programs feature a mix of PowerPoint presentations, group discussion, and exercises, including role plays and visualizations. They can be presented as a workshop, seminar, or talk, from a keynote to a panel discussion.   

  • Working with Difficult People
    Are you having problems dealing with your boss, co-workers, or employees, due to diversity and culture conflicts?   Are some people especially hard to work with? Learn to understand and deal with different types of people in different situations.

  • Dealing with a Bad Boss
    Whether you are a employee with a bad boss or executive with problem boss, this program is for you.  You'll learn about the major types of bad bosses and what to do to make the best of a bad situation -- from taming the beast to finding work-around solutions to getting the bad boss out the door.

  • Resolving Conflict in Your Organization
    The key to successfully dealing with any conflict is the three-step E.R.I. model.  First handle the negative emotions of yourself and others; use reason to understand why the conflict has occurred and the types of conflict styles to apply; and draw on your intuition to come up with alternatives and make choices.  Learn how to apply these approaches in your organization.

  • Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
    Sometimes ethical conflicts occur because people have different values and concepts over what is ethical.  Or there may be a lack of clarity or conflict between individual and company values.   Learn how to raise and deal with these conflicts.

Video and Audio Clips


Here are some samples of Gini Graham Scott's programs and interviews in Windows Media Player or Real Player.  Just click to play online or download.  

  • New Media and Speaker's Video - 9 minutes
    Want a participant, guest, panelist, or host on on your TV or radio program?  Want a speaker or workshop or seminar leader for your next big event?  Need a consultant to advise you on work and business topics?  This video features examples of media appearances, speaking, and consulting by Gini Graham Scott. 
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  • Speaker's Video - 13 1/2 minutes
    This features a variety of media clips and some recent speaking engagements on these topics -- dealing with difficult people, resolving conflict in your organization, resolving ethical dilemmas, dealing with deception, increasing your creativity and problem solving, and dealing with change and innovation. You can play in various formats.
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  • Workshop on Dealing with Difficult People at the 12th Annual Administrative Professionals Conference in Las Vegas - 1 hour
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