Laguna Hockey Academy
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Roller Hockey Training

Roller Hockey Treadmill

At the Laguna Hockey Academy - we train hockey players to be the best skilled athletes
they can be using our state-of-the-art hockey specific equipment:

Our "Team Training Program" or "Private-Lesson Training" is guaranteed to improve
your game!!

Housed at our facility is a one-of-a-kind Rollerblade treadmill (The BladeMill Inline). This treadmill provides the same benefits and challenges as the Blademill, only on inline skates. For the first time EVER, roller hockey players will now have the same advantages of technology as ice hockey players.  This is the only one of its kind in the United States.


The new technology of the BladeMill Inline is by far the sickest method for training in roller hockey today. For any level of inline player it provides a variety of exercises to enhance and improve the endurance, skating technique, and stick-handling skills of any player. Such exercises consist of level or incline sprints, level or incline cross-overs, and level or incline stick-handling. If you want to be the nastiest roller player you can be, this is the machine you need to be training on. We guarantee that you will soon be flying, dangling, and sniping just like the pros.

KC Groon Pro Roller Hockey Player, Member Team USA and Laguna Hockey Academy Coach


1hr lesson with LHA-COACHES
1 player  $40
2 players $35 each
3 players $30 each
4 players $25 each

With this private lesson we will bring the roller player(s) through circuit training which include all of our hockey machines that are transformed into roller hockey ready for each session.

30 minute treadmill  
1-2 players $20 each
3 players   $15 each
4 players   $10 each

With this private training or with teammates you will train on the treadmill only for 30 minutes with LHA COACH

Team training (basic)
$100 flat fee
6-12 players

With this training the teams coach can come in and train/coach his own players on our equipment for 90 minutes.

Team training circuit (LHA coaches)
$200 flat fee
6-12 players

With this training our LHA coaches will run your team through our Blademill Inline, all of our other hockey machines that will be transformed into roller hockey ready. This training will run like a circuit training with players moving from station to station in a 90 minute session. 

Video Analysis
All sessions include our Dartfish video analysis: Using a 30 second delay, we will show the player their session when they get off the treadmill for review

*Please feel free to drop by any-time for a tour of the facility.

*Simply call 949 215-4252 or contact the LHA to set up tour time for you or your roller team.

Training Option:
We can train players with music which is great for motivation while on the BladeMill Inline skating. Teams or players can bring in their own music or the LHA has selection.