Choosing the right kitchen handles for your home can be a difficult decision. With so many options, there are so many different styles and finishes that it can be hard to choose just one.

If you’re looking for something that will match your current appliances and cabinetry, or if you want something new and different, this article will help guide you in the right direction.

We’ll discuss what types of materials are available as well as some popular designs that might work for you!

How To Choose Kitchen Handles?

When renovating or building a kitchen, one of the most important decisions to make is what type of kitchen handles will you use. There are different types of materials and designs that can be chosen from.

This article discusses some popular choices and how to choose the right one for your home.

Materials: What Are Your Preferences?

Many new homeowners often want their new kitchens to match their existing cabinetry as closely as possible.

A good way to achieve this is by choosing kitchen handles made from the same material as your cabinets (i.e., wood).

And if you’re going with stainless steel or black appliances, it’s best to use a brass or chrome handle, respectively. For those who like something different, stainless steel is always an option.

Designs: What Do You Want?

Once you’ve chosen the type of material for your kitchen handles, it’s time to decide on a design that will match your individual taste and style.

There are many designs available that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from traditional to modern.

Traditional designs are the most popular and can be found in many different styles such as a rounded rectangle, circle, or oval shape.

Some people prefer something more streamlined but still want to have that traditional look, which is where “modern” handles come into play. They usually feature an elongated appearance with straight lines up top.

For a handle that stands out, a “traditional” design with an updated finish is the way to go.

For something more modern you can opt for a sleek and minimalist look or even consider adding certain materials such as wood or stone to personalize it.

With so many options when shopping for kitchen handles, there are plenty of decisions that need to be made before you buy them.

Type of material, design and finish all come into play when it comes to choosing the right kitchen handles for your home!

Choose Between Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Choosing between cabinet knobs and pulls can be a difficult decision. There are many different designs, finishes and materials available.

Knobs are best for lightweight doors where the door does not open often. On the other hand, pulls would be better for weighty doors such as kitchen cabinets because it provides an additional point of contact to use when opening it.

“As for choosing between knobs and pulls, it really depends on what kind of doors you have.”

One option is to remove your existing cabinet handles and replace them with new ones.

The actual process should only take a few minutes as long as you have a screwdriver handy. You can also find replacement handles online or at your local hardware store.

“While both knobs and pulls have their advantages, most people prefer handles that are easier to grasp when they’re carrying a hot pot or pan.”  “Another thing you may want to consider is how often the cabinets will be opened.”

For example, it’s better for cabinet doors in kitchens where you’ll be opening them often to have handles that provide an additional point of contact, such as pulls.

For cabinets in a rarely used room or for drawers where the doors open inwards (i.e., are not free standing), it is best to stick with knobs because they’re lightweight and won’t get stuck when you close them.

Pay Attention to Both the Inside and Outside of Cabinet Doors So That All Surfaces Are Matched Up Nicely

It’s important to pay attention to both the inside and outside of cabinet doors so that all surfaces are matched up nicely.

If there are different colors or materials where the doors meet, it may be necessary to change one of them.

This will ensure that they’re aligned properly, and that the door opens without any hassle.

This is a very easy way to boost your kitchen look and make it look more expensive.

The Last Thing Is to Choose a Finish on Your New Handles!

The last thing to do is to select a finish for your new handle.

Here are some suggestions and things to consider:

  • You’ll want to pick something that you think will look good with the color of your cabinets, but also stands out in its own way.
  • If you’re going for a high-end look, consider picking something metallic, which comes in a variety of finishes.
  • If you’re opting for a more vintage or rustic feel, there are plenty of options including natural wood or copper and bronze.
  • To add a pop of color to the kitchen, choose handles that are bright blues, greens, or reds.
  • To create the illusion that your kitchen is larger than it really is, choose handles that are a darker color than the rest of your kitchen.
  • To keep things on hand and easy to find, have matching drawer pulls.

No matter what you decide to do with your new handle, there should be something for everyone! You can also come up with some great combinations like mixing metals or colors. The choices are nearly endless.

Some Popular Types of Kitchen Handles

Cup Pulls:

Cup pulls are designed for cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. They are often used in kitchens as they provide an easy way to open the drawer or door. Cup pulls can be both decorative and functional.

Paddle Pulls:

These are perfect for doors that have lightweight doors, such as pantry or closet doors. Paddle pulls are usually round and not too heavy-duty.


Knobs are best for lightweight doors where the door does not open often. On the other hand, pulls would be better for weighty doors such as kitchen cabinets because it provides an additional point of contact to use when opening it.


Bars are usually used in utility rooms or laundry areas. They provide a way to store sponges, brushes and other cleaning supplies that can be accessed without opening the cabinet door.

Edge Pulls:

These pulls have become more popular because they require less space on top of cabinets than knobs do. This is especially handy if you’re short on counter space.

Ball Pulls:

A ball pull is a metal knob with an open hole in the center and either a round or flattened top. They are usually used for cabinets because they provide additional storage above the cabinet door.

Wire Pulls:

Pulls are best for weighty doors where the door does not open often. On the other hand, knobs would be better for lightweight doors such as kitchen cabinets because it provides an additional point of contact to use when opening it.

Related Questions

Which Is Better for Kitchen Cabinets, Knobs or Handles?

Most kitchens prefer to use knobs for cabinets. The knob gives you a place to grip the handle without breaking your knuckles on the door.

What Colour Handles Go with White Kitchen Cabinets?

A popular color for handles is bronze with a bright white. The metal will contrast well, while adding a sense of luxury to your kitchen.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing kitchen handles, but we hope the tips and advice above have helped you understand some of your options. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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