Shavar Jeffries has the best plan to tackle our community's most pressing challenges:

  • Reduce crime through community policing by hiring more officers and addressing the causes of crime

    As Assistant Attorney General, Shavar helped execute the state's crime plan, which emphasized community and data-driven policing and helped reduce violent crime three years in a row.

    Read The Jeffries Plan for Safe Streets & Neighborhoods

  • Make job creation a top priority
    As Assistant Attorney General, Shavar crafted the executive order that expanded opportunities for women and minority owned businesses to obtain procurement contracts.
  • Empower parents to find new solutions to ensure a quality education for their child
    As School Board President, Shavar brought back over $30 million in funding after the state cut the boards budget. Shavar successfully fought to extend school days at over 20 Newark schools, and expanded social services and adult education at underperforming schools. Shavar will continue to fight for local control of our schools from the state.
  • Ensure working families have access to affordable housing
    As Assistant Attorney General and as a civil rights attorney, Shavar successfully represented homeowners and tenants against predatory lenders and abusive landlords, and has helped Newark families fight unfair rent increases.
  • Protect Taxpayers
    As Assistant Attorney General, Shavar helped manage a nearly $150 million budget and cut overtime, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.