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Marketing Tips for The Home Decor Industry

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The home decor industry develops every year. As a result, more exciting items for home improvement and decorating appear in stores. But, due to the high competition, it is difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to start a home decor line, keep customers and increase sales. Thus, we have gathered some helpful marketing tips on starting a home decor line or starting another company in this industry. Read on to the end, and it will be interesting!

Tip №1: Take care of the visuals

The visual is essential in the home decor industry. After all, buyers pay attention to the product’s appearance, its aesthetics, environmental friendliness, beauty, and fashion. So, you need to take care of quality photos and videos to sell home decor online. Hire a photographer and designer to take pictures and videos of your furniture or home decor. You can then process the visuals and post them on your website or social media page (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter). Make sure each product has a picture, description, or video presentation. Statistically, this increases sales by 20%.

Tip №2: Identify your target audience

The home furnishing business has a vast target audience, including men and women of all ages. But, some types of furniture or home decor have a narrower target audience. So, we recommend targeting a specific category of people to increase their loyalty. For example, you can position yourself as a manufacturer or store of eco goods for the home. It is a trendy niche, the turnover of which increases every year. You can also focus only on the owners of commercial housing or country houses. It allows you to correctly and accurately build your advertising campaign.

Tip №3: Develop your social media and website

It’s hard to imagine today’s home decor and furniture business without a website and social media pages. Actively promote your blog, and share photos, descriptions, and videos of your products with subscribers and users. Also, you can find home improvement sites to analyze your competitors. Your job is to make it even better. So get creative, bring in a designer, an innovative text writer, and an SMM specialist to promote your content. Plus, you can set up contextual and targeted advertising on publications with your product or service.

Tip №4: Combine different types of advertising and do not forget about SEO

With quality SEO, you have unlimited guest blogging opportunities. Guest blogging increases limited traffic and attracts users from search queries. It is an essential part of search engine optimization. Do not forget about it. To promote your home decor business website and blog, work on your semantic core and keyword phrases in your texts. Moreover, publish articles on friendly themed sites to increase conversion rates. Supplementing SEO and guest posting with other types of advertising will be most effective. For example, contact advertising.

Tip №5: Use marketplaces and local fairs

It will take you a long period of time to attract organic traffic to your home decor business’s website and social media pages. So use alternative opportunities to boost furniture, decor, and other home products sales.

For starters, try adding your merchandise to marketplaces. Of course, not everyone can sell products on Amazon. But there are many other local or national marketplaces where you can present your goods. Select up to 5 of these services and examine the goods’ conditions for publishing. Thereafter, choose the best option and begin a collaboration.

At the same time, find out about the nearest fairs and exhibitions of home decor. Contact the managers of these events and arrange a presentation of your product. It is a good step for the local promotion of your business.


These home decor tips will help you grow your business. In the age of digitalization, digital marketing must be the basis for brand promotion. Thus, use all the tips described for your home decor business. First, you can handle the advertising campaign and digital marketing on your own. But at a later stage, you will need the help of professionals. You can also use some services to make search engine optimization, guest blogging, and setting up advertising publications and banners much easier. We are certain that you will succeed!



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