We all think a small leak or continuous dripping water is nothing to be concerned about. But the seemingly small problems grow into bigger ones and cause extensive damage. So it’s always safer to call a plumber when you’re facing supposedly harmless issues. This article lists ten problems that may require the hand of a professional plumber.

Fixing a small leak or unclogging a drain may seem simple. But one small mistake can lay bigger damage to your home. It’s always safer to consult a plumbing service before making decisions like using liquid drain cleaners or over-tightening a screw.

10 Problems to Look Out For

There are some common plumbing issues that you may encounter and which may require professional assistance. The following sections will describe just some of those issues for you.

Absence of Water

Water doesn’t magically stop coming unless there is some leakage or something is clogged in the line. If you ever face this problem, then you must call your plumber right away.

Many things can cause you to lose water. For example, frozen pipes and leaking lines mainly cause the water to stop coming. Sometimes leakage in other areas causes a big amount of water wastage, which leads to a bigger amount of water bill later. Solving this leakage problem can reduce water bills by 10 percent as per the EPA.

Calling a plumber will help you to identify the problem and take the necessary steps against it. A good plumber will keep in mind all the problems and sort out the problem.

Not Getting Hot Water

Warm water is definitely needed during those cold morning showers. From washing yourself to washing dishes, hot water is needed in almost every activity a person can imagine. But not getting enough hot water can be a problem in times of rush. Also, water can sometimes turn into blazingly hot temperatures from ice cold suddenly which can put you at risk of accidents.

You know there’s a problem when water is available for use sometimes, but the heater doesn’t work properly or it takes a bit longer than usual to warm up the water. This is usually a problem that a plumber can easily fix. The absence of hot water is mainly caused due to damaged water heaters and can be fixed with a bit of experience in plumbing.

You can even notice cloudy or milky water when you turn on the water heater. Excessive pressure or damaged pipes could be the cause of cloudy hot water.

Leakage in Water Heater

Many times, the water heater starts to sweat when working and vapors might start coming out of it. Eventually, the water heater starts leaking water. This is not an obvious thing, but it needs to be fixed immediately so that you don’t end up with a broken water heater later.

Rusty water heaters are more likely to have this problem. Corrosion of the water heater also leads to leakage or weeping of water.

A plumber can suggest you buy a good water heater that works for a long time and one that’s suitable for your household.

Presence of Low Water Pressure

Inconsistent water pressure is a big sign that you need to call your plumber as it might indicate some leakage or breakage in pipes under the wall. This leads to damp walls and whatnot and causes you to spend more money to fix it if not fixed early.

Getting help from a professional plumber as early as possible will lessen the amount of hassle you need to face and also the amount of money you need to fix it.

Drains Not Working Properly

Clogged drains are another problem you need to get fixed in time by a plumber. You’ll know there’s a problem when drains won’t drain water properly.

Plumbers have the tools to easily sort out this problem. You may be able to go through this problem once or twice, but repeated draining problems can lead to a greater crisis afterward. This usually happens due to dirt, hair, and other stuff clogged up inside the pipes and underground system.

A Dripping Shower

Dripping water can be a significant sign that you need your plumber to make a visit. Sometimes tightening the pipes may solve this problem, but in most cases, the problem lies elsewhere. You can risk over-tightening the screws and damaging the toilet or tubs.

Cracks in pipes can cause a steady dripping to go on the whole day. Low pressure in water can also be an issue causing this problem.

An Overflowing Toilet

Ever seen your toilet water rise after you flush? Yes, that’s because something is wrong with your toilet and it’s time to call the plumber again.

Avoid flushing things that may clog the pipes down the toilet to prevent this kind of trouble. If that has already been done, then call a plumber. Sometimes the overflow isn’t because of something that’s clogged up inside the toilet pipes. There could be other reasons as well.

Bad Odor in House Like Sewage

A damp smell or smell like sewage indicates there’s something wrong with your pipes somewhere in your house that needs to be fixed. There’s probably a leakage inside the walls that are making this smell and damaging your house’s appearance.

Ignoring this problem will not only pile up your work but also cause other problems like irritation, flies gathering in your house more often, and mosquitoes due to the bad water system. So call a plumber and check this problem as early as possible.

Supply of Dirty Water

Dirty water not only damages your hair but also causes rashes on your skin, and this does not happen without a cause.

Discolored and dirty water is a sign your pipes are getting too old. Call a plumber and have them cleaned once a month to avoid growing leeches inside the pipes.

Dirty water can also be a sign that there’s some pipe that might have been broken inside the walls so look out for it too.

Cracked Pipes in Waterline

This can be the root cause of all the underlying issues. Low water pressure, and water dripping, can be a sign of this problem. You shouldn’t delay in calling the plumber if you face this problem or else a bigger crisis will follow.

Pipes usually crack when it becomes too old or when rust forms on them. A plumber will change these pipes and suggest more durable ones that also go well with your house structure.


A household can be a hard thing to maintain, but it gets easier with professional help whenever there’s a problem. When it comes to plumbing, plumbers know their work well and are experienced to help you the way you need. If you face any of these signs mentioned above, then call a plumber as soon as possible!



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