When you imagine a home makeover or renovation, does it involve large sums of money and replacing absolutely everything? While TV shows may be full of large-scale, expensive projects, it’s possible to transform your property with a home makeover that doesn’t break the bank.

In this article, we explore 12-budget home makeover hacks that you can use to save money while creating maximum impact.

1. Change the Colour Scheme With Paint

A fresh lick of paint can make a room feel much brighter and give it a fresh feel.

You could update wooden kitchen counters or doors to add contrast and replace ageing, scratched paint. To save on paint costs, try creating a feature wall for your living room by choosing one contained surface and painting it in a colour that adds drama or personality. If you have shelving, try using a different colour for each level to add flair and texture.

2. Replace the Handles on Counters, Bedside Tables, Doors

Handles are everywhere in the home and help us manage drawers and cabinets with ease. Thye can play a bigger part in interior design than you might think and today there is a huge range of handles available to give old furniture and doors a new look.

In the kitchen, you could replace standard T-bar metal handles with more contemporary handles. That old dresser in the spare room could be given a modern twist by replacing D-shape handles with flush handles. You could change doors from the common lever handle style to decorative knobs for a more vintage look.

3. Use a Worktop Veneer to Transform Your Kitchen

Replacing a worktop is expensive, and leaves your kitchen out of action during building works.

Try using an adhesive veneer instead. You could transform an old MDF worktop with a granite, mahogany wood, or a metallic effect within an hour, and overhaul the atmosphere of the room in the process.

4. Add Mirrors to the Bathroom and High Traffic Spaces

Mirrors create the illusion of more space in a room by reflecting light.

Try hanging a mirror above your bathroom sink for a functional and space-enhancing addition to the room. A curved mirror could add style and a touch of glamour to a bedroom. Keeping in mind that mirrors reflect light, try placing them opposite windows in your property to maximise brightness and increase the feeling of spaciousness.

5. Spice Up Wooden Floors With Rugs, Carpets and Mats

Wooden floors are attractive, but floor coverings can add cosiness and atmosphere.

A runner carpet can make hallways and landing spaces more welcoming. A round carpet placed underneath a bed frame can add shape and texture to the floor. A rug in the living room positioned around sofas and coffee tables can create a sense of warmth and comfort, by creating a focal point and adding colour.

6. Upcycle Old Furniture

Perhaps you have an old dresser that is in a state of disrepair. Maybe the coffee table has a few knicks and scratches. Why not upcycle this furniture to change its look?

Upcycling is the process of taking old items and repainting or repairing them to give them a new lease of life. Try this with the furniture already have, or grab a bargain from a thrift shop and make it your own by sanding it back and then painting or varnishing in the shade of your choice.

7. Switch Out Your Light Switches

Plastic light switches can be improved in a variety of ways.

In the living room or bedroom, try exchanging white plastic light switches with a more fashionable option, such as a metallic bronze finish. In the bathroom, you could opt for a drawstring light pull from the ceiling instead of a wall-mounted switch. You could also add “smart home features”, and with Bluetooth-enabled devices, you can switch lights on or off from the sofa.

8. Tidy Up Wires and Pipes

Is your computer desk a mess of electronic cables? Do your radiators reveal visually unappealing pipework?

To eliminate computer cables, you could buy uPVC piping and cut it on one side. Then, route the cables through it and mount the pipe to the wall to hide that tangle of wires. Similarly, radiator pipes can be covered entirely by an enclosure. If you want to retain the industrial pipe look, try adding a metal effect cover.

9. Spruce Up Your Skirting Boards

Skirting boards are usually found wherever the floor meets the wall, and you can add style to a room by updating the skirting boards.

Perhaps change the colour of the skirting board to complement the colour of a carpet or floor. Painting the skirting boards the same colour as the walls can make a room look larger. Repairing skirting boards can add extra insulation to a property. You can buy small compressible filters that slot between the skirting board and floor, and use sealant to draughtproof your home.

10. Add House Plants to Window Sills and Other Spaces

Plants love sunlight, so where better to place them than on the window sill?

Plants bring nature and soothing greenery into the home and help to reduce stress and anxiety levels. They also improve the air quality, as demonstrated by NASA research. Try adding a bright Aglaonema in the living room, or a bird of paradise plant for its large leaves and elegant stems. A variety of colours, shapes, and foliage will make your space greener and more appealing.

11. LED RGB Light Bulbs and Runner Strips

Light is always a top priority in the home. A brighter home feels more spacious and lighting can add atmosphere.

Rather than the traditional warm or cool white bulbs, why not try RGB – red, blue, or green – LED lightbulbs? With these allows you can easily add colour to a room. In the kitchen, you could add lights to drawers to make it easier to find things, or add strip lighting around the base of cabinets for some glamour at night.

12. Add Wall Art to Your Home

A selection of abstract, contemporary, or traditional art pieces can tell a story, and give a room character. DIY art is one way to create a truly unique, personalised space. Otherwise, find art using online marketplaces or thrift shops and antique stores.

It’s easy and quick to hang wall art with the STAS picture hanging system. This budget-friendly option starts at less than £20 and allows you to hang up to 25kg of wall art per square metre. In addition, it’s simple to switch items around, so you can swap art in minutes for a different look.

With these 12 makeover ideas, you can make big changes to your home. Even better, none of them need huge effort or a big outlay.



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