It’s the heart of your home, centred on great food shared with family and friends. The kitchen has evolved over time from a mere cooking space, to a dynamic hub of innovation and style, influencing the way we live and connect with its unique ability to bring everyone together. Open-plan communal kitchens, featuring breakfast nooks and face-to-face kitchen islands have become the go-to spots for families and friends to relax, chat, and munch together.

Let’s journey into the future of kitchen design, from beverage stations, to nature inspired colour palettes, and sinks the ideal size for your reusable water bottles. Together we’ll explore the trends that promise to spice up your space in 2024.


With the rise of technology baked into our kitchen appliances, the future kitchen is about to get smarter than ever. From integrated devices like coffee makers, ovens, microwaves, and lighting, smart appliances now boast features like touchscreens, voice control and app compatibility. Voice-activated assistants and touchscreens on your fridge door seamlessly integrate with your mobile devices, allowing your appliances to not only respond to your culinary whims but anticipate them. You can even peek inside your fridge from the grocery store with the built-in camera, making it easier than ever to check what items you need to stock up on.

Beverage stations are also making a splash, featuring built-in coffee makers, wet bars, and smoothie stations (with space to store your reusable cups and tumblers) for the ultimate home cafe experience. In this tech-savvy future, even mini herb planters are getting the smart glow-up, with convenient auto-watering functionality and user-friendly LED lights, making your herb garden practically foolproof.

Trending Aesthetic Shifts

The future of kitchen design isn’t just about functionality; it’s a feast for the eyes. From serene sage to jewel-toned emerald, green is poised to be the colour of the year. Along with bold blues these deep rich colours add a touch of drama and opulence to the heart of the home. This trend for a nature inspired colour palette ensures that wood tones will continue to make a statement, with the style in vogue being to pair natural wood with painted cabinetry below.

When it comes to tapware, handles and other kitchen hardware, matte black is taking a backseat, making way for the warmth of gold gleaming in matte, satin, and brushed finishes. Decorative and creative range hood designs are in, including wood, stainless steel, and unique pieces crafted from mixed materials. The trend towards the bold continues with attention-grabbing splashbacks rising in popularity, featuring vibrant colours, unconventional materials, or intricate tile patterns to draw the eye and turn your kitchen into a work of art. Your kitchen isn’t just a place to whip up meals – it’s a masterpiece in the making.

Making the Most of Small Spaces

Innovative space-saving solutions are a vital part of designing functional kitchens within compact urban spaces. In 2024, combination kitchen island benches take centre stage, offering a practical blend of two thirds bench space with closed storage below, and one third with open space underneath for storing counter-height stools or a moveable island bench for additional surface space when required.

Making the Most of Small Spaces Custom cabinetry is the secret for optimising storage and functionality and minimising clutter. Focus on drawers as these provide up to 30% more storage than cupboards, and think about adding out of the box solutions such as kickboard drawers to the mix to make every inch count without compromising on style.

Lighting also shines, as more light creates the illusion of spaciousness in compact kitchens. Look to increase natural light where possible (by adding skylights or glass doors) to let the sunshine in, or alternatively add lighting under cabinets or at the base of floor units.

The Conscious Kitchen

The rising interest in sustainable kitchen design means more than just recycling, it means creating a kitchen with sustainability built into its DNA. This means incorporating eco-friendly non-toxic finishes, sustainable products made from recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances, water-saving fixtures, and integrated recycling and composting systems into kitchen layouts.

Sustainable kitchen design in 2024 also isn’t just about being kinder to the planet, but improving health and saving costs. So, going hand in hand with nature-inspired colour palettes, Biophilic Design brings the outdoors in, with natural elements like stone, wood, and plants in the form of green-walls, indoor herb gardens, and vertical planters creating an organic ambiance that rejuvenates both the space and your spirit.

As the future unfolds, our kitchens are set to be more than just culinary workshops – they’re fast becoming the epicentre of our homes, blending a symphony of technology, aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

Whether you’re brewing coffee at your chic beverage station or marvelling at the splashbacks that double as art, your kitchen is your canvas, and a living, breathing extension of your lifestyle. So, as you embark on your kitchen design journey, remember: the future is bright, vibrant, and delicious!

James Miller

James Miller

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