We all know that moment when you hear the news: overnight guests are on their way! Whether it’s quickly washing the spare sheets, or making up the bed, sometimes overnight guests – especially unexpected ones – can come with its fair share of challenges.

Depending on the space you have, there are a few things you can do to make sure you have a guest bedroom that’s always ready for an overnight visitor. Here are some of our key tips to setting up a functional guest bedroom.

Consider the Space that You’re Working With

First things first, let’s consider the space you have available. Do you have an entire spare room to dedicate to your guests or perhaps you have a snug corner in your home office? Even a corner in an office can still provide your guests with enough privacy, giving them their own space to unwind in. Understanding what you have to work with can make all the difference in creating a functional space.

Another thing to consider is any existing features like built in wardrobes, windows and attached mirrors. From there, you can decide the furniture size and style, making sure it works for your space.

Choose Comfortable, yet Functional Furniture

Choose Comfortable, yet Functional Furniture Now, let’s dive into the heart of the guest room – the furniture. Comfort is key, but functionality is equally important. When selecting furniture, think about what your guests might need. A comfortable bed is obviously the key piece of furniture to consider. Depending on your space, you can go for either a double or queen bed. You may also find that trundle beds or pull out couches can be a great option if you’re limited on room.

With the bed sorted, it’s time to think about other furniture. Do you have built-in wardrobes already, perfect for your guests to stow away their belongings? Perhaps you have a little extra room and want to use a bedside table to give them a place to charge their electronics and keep things within easy reach.

There are plenty of options to suit almost every space – from dressers to clothing racks and even beds with added storage that will help your guests living out of their suitcase.

Create a Bed that Will Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Create a Bed that Will Make Your Guests Feel at HomeThere’s nothing quite like sinking into the luxury of a hotel bed. And while you don’t have to replicate that 5 star service at home, there are a few pointers to consider. First, think about the mattress. Is it wearing and showing signs of age? Are there lumps that may keep your guest up at night?

With the mattress taken care of, it’s time to turn your attention to the bedding. While everyone has different sleep needs, sheets like cotton can be a great all rounder. Also consider the type of pillow, even providing a few different feels to cater for different sleep needs, then add a cosy quilt.

Layering the bed with blankets and throws in luxuriously tactile fabrics adds that extra touch of warmth, ensuring your guests are snug and content. Remember, it’s about creating a serene and welcoming sleep environment that your guests will appreciate.

Use Decor to Spruce up The Space

Now, let’s shift our attention to setting the mood. The right decor can transform your guest room into a relaxing home away from home. Consider soothing colour schemes that create a serene atmosphere like soft neutrals. From pillows to a throw rug or even a plant, there are plenty of simple touches that can warm up the space. Add a personal touch with framed photos or a piece of art on the walls.

Add Thoughtful Finishing Touches

The magic is in the details. Personalise your guest room with thoughtful finishing touches. A scented candle or essential oil diffuser can infuse the room with a welcoming aroma, while a bedside lamp is not only convenient for nighttime reading but also adds to the ambience with its warm glow.

A sound machine can drown out any outside disturbances or unfamiliar noises and may help your guests get a good night’s rest. You can also place fresh towels in the room, on the end of the bed, so that your guests have everything that they may need on hand. It’s these details that can help show your guests how much you care about them, and their comfort.

Hosting overnight guests should be a delightful experience, and setting up a functional guest room is the key to ensuring their relaxation and enjoyment.

By considering your space wisely, choosing practical and versatile furniture, creating a bed that feels like a home away from home, using decor to set a serene mood, and adding those special finishing touches you will make your guests feel cherished. It’s all about creating a space for your guests to enjoy their stay.

Henry Williams

Henry Williams

Henry Williams, armed with a degree in Civil Engineering, has been at the forefront of home maintenance and safety since 2008. His professional journey includes a significant tenure at a renowned construction firm, where he led numerous safety initiatives, including roles in safety consulting. Henry's passion extends to sharing his knowledge through writing and workshops. An enthusiast of vintage cars, he often spends weekends restoring classic models. His hobbies include woodworking and hiking, often drawing parallels between nature’s resilience and home durability.

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