If homeowners want to save money and avoid stress, they should pay attention to getting their plumbing maintained. It is because plumbing is best handled proactively, where potential problems are resolved before they actually happen.

Summer is the best time to get this done. Regular plumbing inspections are more important than ever, and you’ll find this to be true when temperatures rise.

Summer Plumbing Problems

Many homeowners believe that seasonal plumbing only refers to frozen pipes and the associated leaks that can occur during the cold months. While this is true, plumbing problems can also occur in summer. Below is a list detailing some of them.

1. Clogs

When things like leaves, small branches, and dirt dry up, they could end up in your drains and pipelines, causing clogs. Summers are also great for hosting barbecues and other gatherings with family and friends. It could mean that your plumbing will get overworked as kitchen sinks are used for food preparation, and toilets are used by the guests.

2. Leaky Outdoor Faucets

Many spend their summer afternoons in their yards–with the grown folks gathered around the grill with drinks in their hands while the kids run around the sprinkler enjoying the warm sun. It’s definitely a fun scene if you think about it, but your outdoor faucets will be used more than usual. If a leak springs, you should get it fixed immediately to avoid any slips, especially with the kids running around.

3. Washing Machine Issues

Plumbing companies in Colorado Springs said that because there’s a substantial increase in laundry loads, washing machines are prone to wear and tear during the summer. That’s why you should always inspect your washer, including the hose that connects the machine to the water supply to avoid any problems.

4. Faulty Sump Pump

Summer may be hot and dry most of the time, but it doesn’t mean it won’t rain. Sometimes, thunderstorms occur in certain areas, and if you’re not ready, you might end up with a flooded basement. Make sure your home is prepared for sudden showers by inspecting your sump pump.

5. Shower Drain Clogs

Because of the hot and dry weather, we tend to take showers a lot during the summer. The drains could accumulate hairs, dirt, and other debris with frequent usage, clogging up your drains and pipes. With that, it’s best to clear up the drains as often as you can. You can also invest in a drain cover for easier cleaning.

How To Prepare Your Plumbing Pipes for Summer

Here are some plumbing tips that you can try when preparing your plumbing for the hot summer months.

1. Check your sprinklers.

Sprinkler systems are a common outdoor feature in many homes. They provide a convenient method of watering your lawn, Plumbing and Draining designs, and trees. Check the sprinkler heads before turning the system on to ensure that no water has accumulated around the area, which could ruin any outdoor events you are planning to hold this summer.

It’s also a good idea to set the sprinkler heads only to the spot you want to be watered. This will keep excess water from collecting around and eventually running down your driveway and other parts of your outdoor areas.

2. Inspect your indoor plumbing.

People spend their summers outdoors engaging in various activities. This can cause them to forget about their indoor plumbing, failing to realize that it handles as much or even bigger loads.

Before you start any outdoor summer plans, take a walk around the house and examine the undersides of your sinks. It is also crucial that you check if your garbage disposal system is working properly.

3. Take a look at the sewer lines.

Sewer lines can burst and allow rainwater to seep through the pipes, creating backups. Ideally, these should be serviced before summer begins. If you’re hosting an outdoor summer party, remember that this can lead to higher water consumption and, therefore, higher bill costs.

4. Make sure the water heater is working properly.

Even if it’s always hot in summer, a hot shower still takes the cake over cold showers, especially after a fun yet tiring barbecue party. So make sure your water heater is working just fine. Furthermore, ensuring that your water heater is in good condition during summer is a great preparation for the colder months.

Key Takeaway

Summer is a great time to plan different outdoor activities. These can be anything from small cookouts to large family gatherings. They require careful planning, though, because they will often involve your plumbing.

If you have plans for the summer, it’s best to have both your indoor and outdoor plumbing thoroughly inspected. Home fixtures and appliances that rely on water, like shower drains and heaters, should also be checked so they won’t get broken when they have to work hard to meet your summer needs. This is the best way of preparing them for the challenges of summer.

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