It seems easy to pick a new water tap for your bathroom. Generally, it’s easy to misinterpret the results if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

There are several aspects to consider before purchasing a new water tap. These factors include the water pressure in your home, the type of tap you prefer, the color of the tap handle, and placement on the basin. For your bathroom basin tap guide, keep on reading.

Considerations Before Buying Taps

No matter if you’re shopping for different bathroom styles. Learning to pick a tap provides some important things to remember. Before you decide and look for brand-new taps, keep these factors to consider before buying your bathroom basin taps in mind:

  • Don’t choose a tap based on the looks; functionality and durability are also important
  • Think about all the choices you have in terms of cost
  • It’s important to consider the height of your sink and the reach of your taps
  • Your sink’s hole structure will determine which tap style you will choose
  • Try visualizing your basin tap’s finished look if the tap fits with your basin
  • Ensure that the pressure of the water is above the minimum pressure gauge
  • Remember to confirm what kind of waste fitting of your sink

Common Tap Types to Use for Your Bathroom

When it comes to taps, the options are practically endless. Australian made tapware has a wide variety of high-quality water taps to pick from, making it easier for you to select the finest for your bathroom. So take a look below at these common tap types for your bathroom.

1. Pillar Taps

Pillar taps feature a single handle for cold and hot water and are commonly found in bathrooms with a more traditional design or in ancient houses.

Regarding handling, you have options from modern and traditional designs. The traditional design is called capstan head taps, and at the top part, it features a crossbar. Lever head taps or bib taps are the two other options. A gentle push is needed to operate the lever head taps type of lever, making it the best choice for disabled persons.

2. Wall-Mounted Taps

The wall-mounted taps have modernized the bathroom. Generally, the tap is attached to the wall, making the basin look clean. It is easy to clean because its neck is flexible and it has two shower heads. Wall-mounted tap flange allows the right amount of water flow, and the tap helps conserve water.

3. Monobloc Tap

Nowadays, monobloc taps are the standard for basin taps in most bathrooms. These monobloc taps only need a single tap hole and have a single spout from which you can dispense cold and hot water. Most taps have a single lever that operates both the water flow and temperature, whereas other models have separate controls for cold and hot water.

There’s a wide variety of monobloc taps, including sleek and classic designs. You may also get various colors and materials, including stainless steel, gold, matte black, nickel, brushed brass, etc.

4. Three Hole Taps

Three-hole basin taps are similar to one-hole basin mixers in that they both dispense cold and hot water from a single spout but require three holes in the sink. This type of tap has three holes: one is for the spout, and the other is for the hot and cold levers. These holes allow for precise water flow and temperature.

5. Small Basin Taps

Small basin taps, also known as cloakroom basin mixers, are an excellent choice for powder rooms and bathrooms with limited space. If your basin is less than 600 mm in width, you should consider installing a smaller basin tap so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

6. Tall Basin Mixer Taps

As countertop basins have become popular, the demand for tall basin mixers has also increased. Regarding functionality, tall basin taps are identical to mono basin mixers because they all come in monobloc style, including a single tap hole and spout. Most popular lines have matching tall basin taps, so it’s easy to find to match your mono basin mixer.

Taps for Your Bathroom’s Final Touch

With many options available, determining the ideal tap for your bathroom may seem like an unsolvable puzzle. If you want to choose a design that will look great in your bathroom, you must also consider the material the tap will finish in. It’s also important to choose a style that blends with the existing fixtures and the main theme of the bathroom.

Taps with brass or gold-like finish work well for a medieval aesthetic. While standard silver taps come in classic and modern styles, they can go with various bathroom decors. Brushed silvery or matte chrome finishes are more durable. Still, it’s up to you what you want in your bathroom. But, for the best outcome, ensure you are satisfied and the taps fit in with the rest of the design.



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