Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. Nothing can attract a home buyer more than a stylish, convenient, and clean bath or kitchen. However, before spending thousands of dollars on a bathroom remodel contractor for your project, you should assess whether this huge investment will make sense from an ROI perspective. Sometimes, even a minor upgrade, such as window replacement, can get you a maximum profit.

So it would be unwise to say that only a big investment can ensure a boost in home resale value. Here we have mentioned 8 bathroom remodeling mistakes that every homeowner should avoid if they have an eye to selling their property now or in a few years.

Adding luxury upgrades

One frequent renovation that most people go for is making it too luxurious. If your property is in a low price range, such luxury investments will result in bad ROI.

Soaking is a luxury bath, while playing with water jets and bubbles might be a dream bath for you, but not everyone wants such a fancy bath.

Jacuzzi-style bathtubs, exotic fixtures like saunas, expensive tiles, dark colors, etc., are not universally appealing, so avoid spending money on such luxurious upgrades.

Failing To Hire a Professional Contractor

There is a very thin line between a DIY and a disaster. Though you can save money by renovating your bathroom yourself, it always comes with some limitations. Electric work, plumbing work, replacing showers, installing bathtubs, etc., require careful hands and prior knowledge and expertise.

Therefore, hire a professional for your bathroom remodel in Los Angeles by consulting a reputable company in your area to get the most resale value from your renovation project. At Greatbuildz, we have certified professionals with years of experience in bathroom remodel Los Angeles.

Using Uncommon Hues

You can’t paint your bathroom wall neon orange just because your child wants to. Colors significantly influence home buyer choices, so any color that sounds uncommon for a bathroom wall should be avoided.

Dark and bold colors may leave home buyers cold. Therefore, use light and neutral hues in your bathroom to stay safe.

Carpeting Your Bathroom

The worst mistake homeowners make is going for carpet or Pergo flooring in their bathrooms. A carpet in a bathroom is a recipe for real estate disaster, as it looks cheap and is a huge turnoff because of sanitary issues.

Moreover, home buyers with allergy concerns also avoid carpet flooring and look for hardwood. Therefore, invest in hardwood as it provides more bang for your buck in the resale value of your home.

Removing the Bathtub

Most people are replacing bathtubs with stand-alone showers. Though it sounds logical to say, “I don’t need it, so I’m going to replace it,” it will not provide you with a good ROI. The reason is that such bathrooms can not be called full baths in future real estate listings. Moreover, families with children won’t prefer a bathroom without bathtubs.

Adding Too Much Wallpaper

Metallic and flock wallpapers are outdated today. Though some home buyers may accept trendy wallpapers in your accent wall or powder room, going overboard can put off your potential clients.

Besides reflecting a bold and overwhelming look, considering the difficulty of removing wallpaper can also turn a home buyer’s head in a new direction.

Choosing Lavish Light Fixtures

Like wallpapers, overdone fixtures can also be discouraging for home buyers. Golden glittery fixtures do scream elegance but are not appreciated by many home buyers.

These luxury items need high maintenance, and their replacement costs can scare home buyers. Therefore, opt for simple, affordable, functional upgrades, especially if you have a small space.

Installing Tacky Tiles

Tiles boost the resale value of your home if they are trendy and are installed perfectly. Creative and Eccentric tiles may not appeal to home buyers. Moreover, removing tiles is quite expensive, and home buyers who do not want any renovation will simply reject such options.

Final Words

Bathrooms and kitchens are major focal points, so always make informed choices for maximum resale value. Always hire a professional bathroom and kitchen remodel contractor for your renovation projects.

Do not go overboard with your design choices; opt for simple designs and light colors to appeal to home buyers and gain maximum return on investment.



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