From cooking to cleaning, there are so many appliances being used that in our kitchen that we are bound to face storage and space issues. And eventually, our lovely kitchens become overcrowded.

Poorly using space and overcrowded counters is a problem that not even mansion kitchens can solve this and honestly, you don’t need a mansion to have a roomy kitchen. All you need to do is declutter and get to know some space-saving design tricks, innovative tips, and no-brainer storage hacks to a more spacious kitchen with more storage and space.

Discover the genius tricks to declutter and save space in your kitchen and make it more functional and less topsy-turvy at the same time.

1. Reach for the Tops

Those free spaces on the top of your upper cabinets and fridge may seem useless but let us tell you it’s not! It’s a misconception. In contrast, it’s prime real estate for storage. Those few inches can be a home for extra pantry supplies that are not needed at the moment or stash those special occasions decorative serving platters and such. You can also try putting small shelves or magnetic racks because those are removable. It will give you added space in your kitchen without all that cluttering, and you’ll be surprised how much space you have saved.

2. Maximize Space with a Cabinet Refrigerator

One of the most space-taking things in our kitchens is a refrigerator. When that’s gone, you free up a lot of space but we can’t live without a refrigerator too. The solution to this problem is under-cabinet mini-refrigerators. These bad boys store so much stuff but take up a lot less space as compared to the conventional refrigerators. There are a number of refrigerators you can choose from which fit your space and style. Before making this investment, we recommend that you go through best under cabinet refrigerator reviews so you’re not only space but some time and money too!

3. Chairs are Out

Bid farewell to those chairs because now stools are back. Not only are the stools cheaper than high-back chairs, but you can easily push them under the table. Also, you can take them out easily when people are over at your house, thus making your kitchen space broader and less chaotic.

On the other hand, you can go for foldable chairs. These chairs can be hung in your closets when not needed. Additionally, this will again free some of your dining space without cramping your style.

4. Downsize Fancy-Schmancy Items

Let’s face it. There’s no need for a fancy coffee maker or even large coffee pots when you only drink one cup a day. Even though everyone loves to have their coffee maker, perhaps it’s time to downsize your appliances for real. Ask yourself if you need that particular blender or mixer. Consider choosing smaller appliances from toaster to microwave to oven stovetops. It will instantly brighten up your small kitchen.

5. Additional Shelves, Risers, and Wire Racks

Take advantage of extra space in your cabinets by adding vertical risers or proper shelves. You can even add wire racks to store your items. Result? Now you can store more coffee mugs, water bottles, and drinking glasses. Also, with wire racks, it will be easy to locate items. Thus no more putting plates in the bowl area. These space-saving storage solutions will not only help you with storage and space, but they will also keep items separate so you would not need to fig put the dishes from the huge stack.

6. Organized Utensils

One extra thing that you should be getting rid of is the effort of going around and digging through the tangle of the kitchen tools. Sort your cooking utensils like a whisk, spatula, etc, in separate containers like you do with spoons, forks, and knives. It will surely save some space in those kitchen drawers.

Additionally, install some lids, pan, and baking sheet dividers in the cabinets to prevent that all loud clattering when you open your cabinets. It’s high time you organize pots and pans once and for all.

7. Hooked on Hooks

What’s something that’s needed every day, takes a lot of space, doesn’t stack well inside cabinets or drawers? Mugs! Well, we’ve got a solution for that too. You do not have to scrounge around for a clean mug, and no more opening and closing cabinets again and again. We say, think outside the cabinet! Literally! Install hooks under the shelf or cabinets. Hang those mugs and proudly display your collection at the same time.

Some people also love to hang those extra pots and pans that don’t seem to fit inside. Hang then on an S-shaped hook vertically to give your space a rustic style, and save some valuable cabinet space.

8. Choose Undermount Sink

Houzz at Forbes suggests under mounting small-scale single bowl sinks. These are best when you are trying to eke out as much space beside the sink as possible as the edges of the sink will not be visible, and the right style of single bowl sink can still feel capacious.

The article has discussed some amazing space-saving hacks that could declutter your kitchen in no time. From the counter-refrigerator to rustic style hooks and shelves, these ideas are bound to save more space in your kitchen.



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