Owning a home is a huge accomplishment! And, with today’s sellers’ market not going anywhere despite the increase in interest rates, that’s no easy feat. Homeowners owning their first home are sure to celebrate, and they deserve it, too. Chances are they’re going to host a housewarming for all their friends and family to attend. If you’ve been invited to a first-time homeowners’ housewarming party, here are some of the best housewarming gifts you can give them to congratulate them on their first home!

1. A bottle of wine.

A classic and traditional gift, a bottle of wine is great to give first-time homebuyers. They can open it to celebrate their amazing accomplishment of owning their first home. Of course, if they don’t drink alcohol, or you think that bringing wine to a house party is overdone, then you can always bring it in addition to something else. That way, it doesn’t look like you’re only bringing a bottle of wine. It’s customary to open a bottle of wine and drink it if it’s brought as a gift, so be prepared to taste the wine you bought that night if you do bring it. Consider buying two bottles and taste testing it before giving it as a gift the next night.

2. A welcome mat.

Welcome mats are used to clean off shoes and welcome people to a home or living space. Some homeowners like to rotate theirs out seasonally, along with all the decorations for various holidays and times of the year. A welcome mat is a great housewarming gift to give new homeowners! They might not have needed a welcome mat at their previous homes, especially if they lived in an urban apartment building before moving into their first home.

3. A wall sign.

In their new home, they’ve got lots of walls to decorate! Give them something to decorate their walls with by giving them a custom wall sign for their housewarming. Whether you choose something about the year their home was established, an address sign they can hang on the front of their home or even hang in a specific room of their home, a wall sign will go a long way in congratulating them on their very first space they can call their own. Popular rooms for wall signs include the living room, man caves, kitchens and bathrooms.

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4. A set of tools.

With home owning comes big responsibility. Many homeowners forget that once they own the home, they’re responsible for any and all repairs to the space. From the foundation to the faucet handles, it’s all their responsibility — both financially and to know how to fix. A set of tools is a great housewarming gift so they can easily fix or install anything they need to. A new light fixture? Great, they’ve got the tools for it. Need to tighten some faucets? There’s a wrench in that set of tools that’s perfect for the job. While not the most glamorous of housewarming gifts, it’s one of the most practical and the first-time homeowners will thank you immensely for that.

5. A spoon rest.

Keep those kitchen counters clean with a spoon rest! Many homeowners don’t think of all the ways they might need to clean, but a spoon rest definitely comes in handy while warding off pesky drops of food while cooking. It’s usually much easier to wipe down a spoon rest than an entire kitchen counter. Give them a couple to use while one is being cleaned. That way, they never have to go without!

6. A plant.

Just like wine, plants are a traditional and classic gift to give at a housewarming. If they live somewhere that gets plenty of natural sunlight, a plant is a great option. If they post pictures before their housewarming, then you’ll easily be able to scope out whether or not they have the space or setup that’s good for a plant to live in. Of course, not everyone has a green thumb, so go for a plant that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, such as a spider plant or a snake plant.

7. A photo frame.

A custom picture frame engraved with their names or even the year they bought their first home is always a good gift idea for a housewarming. Consider getting a watercolor portrait of their first home to place in the frame to really go the extra mile. While it’s a bit more expensive than a lot of other housewarming gifts, it will really speak to how important it is for them to have purchased their first home. The homebuying experience is tough and stressful, so having something to commemorate their perseverance and commitment to finding their first home should be rewarded.

8. An ornament.

An ornament commemorating their first home to hang on their Christmas tree is a great housewarming gift idea for first-time homebuyers. They can proudly display the accomplishment every holiday season. If they’ve purchased their home close to Christmas, then this gift is not only a great idea but also timely! They can easily pack the ornament away to use next year, or they can hang it on a hook to showcase all year round. The choice is theirs to do in their brand new home!

9. A coffee table book.

Simply put, a coffee table book is one that you might not read for leisure but looks great sitting on your coffee table. Books filled with professional photography, tips on fashion design or even plants and travel all make for great coffee table books. They’re typically hardcover, and they look like something from a magazine. Giving them one of these books to showcase on their coffee table will instantly transform their living space into a scene of luxury. It’s a great way for them to elevate their living room space, especially in their first home!

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith

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