ADT sensors give in an alarm notification when the alarm sets and the door opens. They stick to the entrances with peel-off adhesives but require professional installation by a technician.

Once up, it completes its performance with ADT Ring smartphone apps that allow you to modify sensors and notifications to suit your needs.

Moreover, you can connect them with your home automation system to record on cameras, turn the lights on, and close the doors automatically.

ADT Motion Sensors

ADT features motion sensors that mount in the interiors to detect motion. However, if you have a pet, place the sensor on the least sensitive mode to nullify false alarms. You can use these to turn on the lighting on movement. Depending on your equipment and package, ADT Ring can cover a large room to secure your home as you enjoy a cozy sound sleep.

Why Do You Need Motion Sensors?

You probably need them to control your home so that floodlights will be activated and will scare thieves away. These sensors flash on when tripped and hence, save up on power and money. You are only paying for the lights in emergencies when you need them. Thus, the ADT Ring system is a must-buy.

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Are ADT and Ring Compatible?

What do you think about the ADT Ring compatibility? Well, the answer is a straight no. They are not much compatible with each other and create a complex security system. However, some Ring devices do pair up with the ADT Pulse security system.

Though they will accept third-party devices, they won’t show up in the ADT command and control pad. Even on successful pairing, you will receive notifications from the Ring app and not from ADT.

Thus, the devices recognize each other but complicate your setup. You will get YouTube videos that show the ADT Ring compatibility, but those are outdated and, since ADT has its chain of doorbells, it no longer supports Ring.

Why Doesn’t ADT Support Ring?

Though both technologies are compatible with Z-wave mesh networks, they are not easy for pairing as it seems a competition and marketing decision. ADT offers a three-year subscription with a home installation service that begins at $36.99/month for 36 months.

On the other hand, Amazon’s Ring revolves around customer choice. It supports individually purchased equipment that does not need professional installation but accounts for a DIY setup. Thus, ADT Ring offers no similarities and creates unnecessary complexity.

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How to Use the Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit with ADT?

If you insist on combining the ADT Ring, use the specially designed Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit. It is difficult for DIY and may require technical help.

Buy a Ring alarm base station with the kit as the kit needs wired systems and cannot exchange itself with the alarm. However, remember that support remains different and, ADT sensors and Ring alarms cannot combine into one phone app.

Ring prefers wired sensors and, hence, ADT Pulse won’t suffice the function. You can, however, follow instructions from the handbook or take help from a professional installer.

Which ADT Ring Combinations Work?

A Ring Alarm Retrofit Kit

Hard-wired ADT sensors work with a Ring system and are safe to use. However, it is not that easy and, you need to convert your system with one that is compatible with Ring. A Retrofit kit will help you in this matter but adding it is a tedious process.

But do not worry as it comes with a detailed manual to guide you. For about eight sensors, purchase on Retrofit unit combining ADT Ring with wires in the central alarm control panel. Use handy yet professional tools for this process.

How to Connect ADT Ring?

  • Open The App and Add the Retrofit Alarm Kit: Open the app. Look at the three lines in the top left corner. Click on them and open the menu. Here, click on the option that asks you to set up a device. Another menu box will open. Select Security devices here to go to another menu to select the Retrofit alarm kit. Another window will open. Select Retrofit alarm kit again and click on Ready.
  • Scan the Retrofit Kit: Go again to your Retrofit kit and access the card included in the box with the kit. Scan the QR code when the app asks for it. Similarly, when the device turns on, set it up and rename it. Repeat this process for all kits that you will use.
  • Test The ADT Ring System from The Ring App: Test the functionality of the Ring app. If the Retrofit is at a distance from the base station or there are walls between, it may not connect with the Ring base station. Move the two of them a little closer for proper connection.

Should you Add Third-Party Sensors to your Ring Alarm?

It depends on you but adding one won’t do you any good or help you get better results. Even if you add a sensor, you won’t get any monitoring from local and professional services. It won’t even set off your Ring alarm when opened. So, the Ring system will be much better if undisturbed. Still, let us look at the list of third-party devices compatible with both ADT Ring devices.

Third-Party Devices for ADT

Despite the non-compatibility with Ring, ADT Pulse works with Amazon Alexa to operate home security. It works with GE Enbrighten, Google Assistant, and Kwikset code 955 effectively.

Third-Party Devices for Ring

The ring supports Dome, General Electric, Leviton, Ecolink, and First alert products.

Should you Merge ADT Ring?

Before you purchase ADT sensors, know that Ring does not trust other products like it does its own. If the system arms, third-party sensors will not trigger alarms, it would not notify me, nor a neighbor and not the local police.

Probably, Ring does not want all the blame for malfunctioning alarms and does not want to give false alarms to the police. Hence, there is no reason to add ADT sensors.

However, as a possible solution to this problem, use the Ring Retrofit alarm kit that connects your existing wired contact zones to the Ring system. The simple process will help all doors and windows to be a part of the Ring alarm system.

Final Word

Ring and ADT are not compatible with each other. Still, there are many third-party options for both. If you have a wireless ADT, forget about pairing it with Ring. If you own a wired one, use a Retrofit kit by Ring.

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