Are you whipped up with the overload of shopping for your new home? And now getting that doorbell is like finding a needle in the stack. Well, the SimpliSafe has saved millions from the trouble of going through the different options before laying hands on that one perfect smart doorbell.

The SimpliSafe doorbells be default come with a hardwired and smart doorbell system. Even though it comes with SimpliSafe batteries, it can function with your existing doorbell hardware for the current primary power.

It is important to get the SimpliSafe doorbell hardwired but let it not make an expression that it will be difficult to install. It comes with a complete guide that directs you point by point on how to go ahead with the installation process.

SimpliSafe Doorbell: Let’s take a Quick Scan

SimpliSafe Doorbell Let’s take a Quick Scan

This doorbell walks in with the ability to monitor the security related activity with consciousness to give an individual every update happening at their doorstep. It comes with a base station, a keypad, motion detectors and such other devices. Here are some features that comes with it –

  • Live streaming all the time. You can keep a watch on every moment that is happening at your doorstop even from your smartphone.
  • The video quality goes up to 1080p which is quite impressive
  • Two-way audio that allows you to talk to strangers before letting them in
  • Direct alerts are sent to your smartphone because the feature of motion detection
  • If you can put in the extra bucks, you can record the motion events for the future convenience.
  • Night vision 

Installation Requirements

It will be a smart move to check the compatibility of proper connection and power requirements of your old doorbell system before try making space for the new doorbell system. Listed below are some of the requirements that you might want to take care of beforehand –

  • This are the dimensions you might be looking for – 4.35 X 1.35 1.12 inches. This dimension fits for most of the doorways.
  • It is important to have an existing wired doorbell system.
  • 8–24-volt transformer is the power that you will require to run the system. The SimpliSafe doorbell systems are suggested to run around on 16-volt transformer.
  • You will require a smartphone either an android or an iOS for the initial set up of the device and of course a wi-fi network that will keep all things running.

While you are at it make sure you turn off the power to your doorbell at your circuit breaker before beginning the installation. Once you are sure that all the necessary hardware is in-line you are good to go. Afterall, it is just a process of swapping your old doorbell with a new one. To be more helpful, here is a step-by-step guide that you need to do –

  1. First and foremost, don’t forget to turn off the doorbell at your circuit breaker.
  2. The next step is to uninstall the old doorbell system.
  3. Thread wires using the mounting board.
  4. The next step would be to screw the mounting bracket to the wall.
  5. Now is the time to connect the wires to mounting board.
  6. Slide the doorbell cover on with delicacy
  7. Turn the power on and let the children from neighborhood annoy you till you are exhausted.

What to do when the Proper Hardware is Missing?

If you realize that might be your set up is running out of the necessary requirements than we have good news for you in the form of a most cost-effective solution. You can always go ahead with installing hardwire transformers.  

The hardwire transformer is very easy to install is usually compatible with most brands like SimpliSafe, Ring and Nest Hello. If you go by the company’s recommendation, then pick output voltage of 16v to 30va

SimpliSafe and it’s Compatibility

There are variety of houses that have installed SimpliSafe, and it has been integrated with additional security devices that fits in almost all the ecosystems and few are surely compatible –

  1. Alexa from Amazon is one of the popular choices to make. Although, use to arm system only.
  2. Google Home is another great choice. Again, use to arm system only.
  3. Nest is another great recommendation on the list. The biggest perk is that it can be adjusted irrespective of whether your system is armed or disarmed.

It is completely okay if SimpliSafe only offers limited smart home compatibility with existing systems as it wouldn’t run into issues when the different products are used together.

Do we have Wireless Options Available?

You have already learned a lot about the hardwired version of SimpliSafe doorbell systems and now it’s time jump on the wireless version. It is good to explore plenty of options before you get a smart doorbell system for your home.

Let’s answer the actual question. Yes, SimpliSafe has a wireless side too and it comes in really handy. One of the best sellers is Ring Video Doorbell 2.

It is a smart doorbell that does not have the ability to be hardwired but also comes with a rechargeable SimpliSafe battery. Battery makes it more convenient for usage especially in case of power outages. It comes with following features –

  • Night vision with a video quality of 1080HD
  • On-demand live view capability which leads to enhanced security
  • It also gets along with your Alexa smart home
  • Two-way talk and motion alerts
  • Rechargeable battery
  • If rechargeable is not an option for you then go ahead with hardwired installation.

Mistakes to Avoid

Always Review the Setup Guide

We know that you doing this keep your family safe, so make a smart move and go through the SimpliSafe guide before you jump into setting up the system.

Be Sure About the Spot

Base station is a central location and requires a dedicated power outlet and don’t try to place it on the floor.

Keypad is another important component that needs to be placed carefully. We recommend you place it on a spot that is most convenient to reach. SimpliSafe recommends to keep the distance between base station and keypad. It can be 10 to 100 feet apart.

Name the Entry Sensors

Entry sensors which are also known as motion sensors are there to guard your doors and windows. Don’t forget to label them or else the monitoring will not only be chaos but will become difficult as well.


Installing a smart doorbell might look like a lot of trouble but if you calculate a risk, it can save you from than you will be more relaxed throughout the process. SimpliSafe doorbell might require a hardwire but if you take the extra strides, all the hassle and ineffective time can be avoided.

Most of the people don’t go for smart technologies as they can intimidating and overwhelming at times but that is not the permanent solution as the future is going to be surrounded by more advanced technologies.

This is right time to gift your home a smart gift that celebrates technology and helps in keeping your family safe.

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