The Xfinity internet services are being used by millions of families for years and we use it ourselves too. Errors are inevitable part of the technology so if your router is giving you hard time then it is completely normal, and we are here to help you in every way possible.

Let’s talk about the LED light that you can notice on your router. The router is equipped with it so that you can easily check the current status of your connection. Once you have finished setting up the router, you will notice a white light.

After going through the user manual, that this white light is an indicator towards the stable internet connection.

What to do when the White Light Starts to Blink?

What to do when the White Light Starts to Blink

As you already know that white light indicates a good internet connection and when you notice that the white light is blinking it means that your connection is fraying and sometimes you can just fix it by restarting or resetting your router.

Reasons Behind the Blinking White Light with Solutions

Usually, the internet connection is stable and that means you can enjoy the uninterrupted Wi-fi connection without relying on the Ethernet. But when you notice an interruption that is the white light starts blinking, listed below are the potential problems with their solutions that has been helped in most of the cases.

Xfinity Restart Router

The easiest and the most reflex thing to do is to restart or reset the Xfinity router to get back on the stable connection. Even if you call the customer support, the first thing they will ask you to do is to troubleshoot the router so why not give it a try before going through anything else.

How to Restart the Xfinity Router?

  1. Hold down the power button until it turns off or just simply unplug the router.
  2. Now wait for at least a minute or two.
  3. Turn the router back on
  4. Once the router is fully started, check the whether the stable white light is back.

Cables Gone Loose

Cables Gone Loose

If restarting the router doesn’t help, that means the cables that are going in the router are facing an issue. Generally, the cables get loose and that is why there is a disturbance in the connection.

In care very cases you might also notice a physical damage in your cables. We recently faced the same issue the cables were physically damaged by some uninvited gang of mouse because someone left the window open.

We had to replace the couple of cables but for others we just unplugged them and plugged in again in an appropriate manner.

Activation Process is not complete

You have purchased the new Xfinity router but for forgot to complete the activation process. In this case the white light will keep blinking reminding you to complete the process.

You simply you must go through the user manual and complete the activation process and the blinking will stop.

The Xfinity router is designed to activate automatically when you plug it and turn it on but if it doesn’t start automatically then you access the same by visiting

How to Activate your Xfinity Router?

  1. You can either download the app on your smartphone or you can go through the user manual that comes with the device.
  2. To login in your account, you will need ID and password. If your registration process is complete, go ahead and complete it to get a login.
  3. You can either scan the QR code or you can simply use the 12-digit CM MAC number printed on back of the router.
  4. Once you have logged in, you will find instructions on the app for connecting the cables and you can go through router replacement options.
  5. The set up will be complete in a minute soon after you confirm the Wi-Fi name and password. Once it is done, your Xfinity router is activated.

Network Interruption

Even after trying all the options if your Wi-Fi is not ready to work then may be the problem is not occurring from your provider. The real culprit here is the service provider. Whether the service provider is a big company or a small company, network disruptions are the part the whole system.

This is also known as service outage where service provider stops broadcasting internet services to either one or all the coverage areas. Service outage is an outcome of maintenance or natural causes like storm and therefore cannot be avoided.

The good news is power outage is for short period of time usually from 10 minutes to 2 to 3 hours and then the internet will be back and running. You can use this time to do things that you were not able to do otherwise.

Faulty Hardware

The probability of happening this is very low but there is a chance there is a fault in the piece of hardware. The cable could be bad or in case if you are using a splitter and if the same is connected to multiple devices than the router might start to act out.

You simply must detect the faulty part and then replace the same with a good working one.

Keeping it too Far from the Modem

Wireless signals can only travel a certain amount of distance. The range might differ depending upon the wireless modem. If the modem is too far, it can cause weak connection which results into momentary disruptions. If you have to cover a large space then purchase Wi-fi extenders to increase the range without causing any disruption in the network.

Ways to Maintain and Keep your Router Clean

It is always to be a little proactive and maintain your router by keeping it clean. This will create less problems for you and also you can use the router for longer period of time. Here are few ways how you can do this –

Clean it Regularly

This is a very basic rule of cleaning. If you want the device to stay longer, make sure you clean it on regular basis. This way you can keep the dust away from the ports which is connected to the inner machinery of the device.

The settled dust might create network disruptions, that is why it is better to unsettle it.

Reduction in the Number of Connected Devices

If you are facing slow internet connection then may be too many devices are connected to your router, get rid of some to get the strong internet connection. This way you can fic the regular disconnections.

Disabling Securing Software

We use much software to get the work done and one of them is used to secure the network we are using. In some cases, this can be a reason why you are facing a network disruption. At this point, simply disconnect the software and reconnect. Voila! Problem solved.

Problem Solved

We hope that this might help you in solving the issue of blinking white light and by now you are getting a connection that you desired while investing in the Xfinity router. If you have any other doubts, our comment section is always open.

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