Like ranching and farming, homesteading is a lot of work. When you homestead a piece of land, you need equipment to make it all possible, and a few pieces of machinery are non-negotiable. You have to have them, or you won’t be successful.

Even if you can’t afford all these machines when you’re starting, your goal should be to obtain all the items on this must-have list. Avoid purchasing machinery that would be fun to own but isn’t necessary, like bulldozers and backhoes.


One of the first things you need to do when starting your homestead is to plant a garden. For that, you need a rototiller. A rototiller isn’t the most versatile piece of equipment for your homestead, but because it is one of the most affordable, it’s first on this list.

Pick the perfect size rototiller for your garden. Rototillers come in many different sizes, and you should choose one that matches the size of your garden. You should also consider the size of the person most likely to use it. For example, purchasing a large rototiller for a petite woman doesn’t make sense when she gets much more use out of a smaller rototiller.


If your homestead is over two acres, you need a tractor. Tractors are incredibly versatile, and with the variety of attachments such as buckets, blades, and hay balers, there is no end to the type of work you can do with your tractor. You can even get a snowblower attachment for your tractor.

Be sure to get a tractor big enough for the land you are homesteading. A 25-50 horsepower tractor will work on homesteading up to 50 acres. If you have more than that, purchase a larger tractor. If you are too big to weave in and out of your small homestead, it won’t work.

Kubota tractors offer unmatched versatility and excellence for homesteaders. Their adaptability with various attachments like buckets and snowblowers makes them essential for efficient and diverse homestead tasks.

Tractors are categorized as sub-compact, compact, and utility. They are built to last, so don’t feel like you have to purchase a brand-new tractor. To choose a tractor that best suits your needs, consider the tasks you will use your tractor for, the size of your property, and your budget.

Whether you purchase used or new, you can add a tractor sunshade for overheard protection for you and your tractor. Without a sunshade, your tractor will deteriorate from UV rays, and it will be much easier to use your tractor in the hot sun with a sunshade. Tractor sunshades are made from durable materials, come in several colors to match your tractor, and are easy to install.


Many homesteaders use firewood to heat their homes in the winter, and if you’re truly living off the land and being self-sufficient, you will need a chainsaw.

Purchase a gas-powered chainsaw for your homestead, and be sure to get one that is the right size for your work and your body. A chainsaw that is too big will be difficult to wield, making it even more dangerous.


Depending on how remote your homestead is, you may experience extended power outages from time to time. If your property has a well, you won’t even have water unless you have a generator backup.

You have several choices when it comes to a backup generator. First, you can get one connected to your home, and when the power goes out, you have to flip a switch to start the generator. This type of generator is the more expensive option, as it will need to be installed by an electrician.

For much less money, you can purchase a small generator that you can use to power a few essentials when the electricity goes out, such as lights. It won’t give you everything you need, but it will give you peace of mind and is much better than candles and flashlights.

Other Equipment You’ll Need for Your Homestead

Homesteading requires a lot of different types of tools, and in addition to these must-have pieces of machinery, you will also need several tools, gadgets, and household equipment.

You will need several tools for gardening, such as shovels, rakes, pruners, and a wheelbarrow. A lawnmower will also be necessary; whether it is a push-behind or riding lawnmower depends on how large your lawn area is.

If you plan on raising livestock, you will need fencing tools. Depending on your type of fence, you may need post-hole diggers, post-pounders, fence stretching devices, and electric fence supplies.

A homesteader is a builder, too, so you must have construction tools like a power saw, hammer, measuring tape, and more. You can purchase many tools as needed, and checking out yard sales and auctions is a good idea.

Don’t forget the kitchen when planning your homesteading equipment and tools. Be sure to purchase equipment for your kitchen that is large enough to handle the harvest. At the minimum, your kitchen needs a pressure canner, but you might also consider a food dehydrator and smoker to preserve your food.

Isabella Johnson

Isabella Johnson

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