If you are new to the toilet seat bidet model craze that is sweeping the nation, then you might not get excited about the Toto s550e. It would seem that more and more have been buying toilet bidet seats as it is easier to use than the handheld bidet attachments to the toilet seat. It is also like having a luxury toilet seat right in your home, you do not need to check in to five-star hotels just to experience the toilet seat bidets. When it comes to toilet seats, the leading manufacturer is Toto and they were the first to come up with the toilet seat bidet units which were exclusively sold to luxury hotels and resorts. It used to be very expensive too and not designed for home toilets, but with the increasing demand for bidets and the preference for consumers for integrated bidets in toilet seats, the prices of such have significantly lowered and are now more affordable. When it comes to toilet seat bidets, the Rolls Royce of this consumer product line is the Toto s550e. It boasts of new and updated features, offers the best design and excellent workmanship, and has a price tag that will not break the bank. Having a toilet seat bidet is like waking up each day in an expensive hotel or resort and it is very easy to use with remote and automatic functions and more emphasis on keeping it safe and sanitary. If you decide to get on with the toilet seat bidet trend, then get the Toto s550e and you will never have to buy another model for a very long time. So, what makes this model special? Read on to find out more about its stunning features and exciting capabilities.

The Toto s550e is the newest and best toilet seat from the top manufacturer Toto. This model was built with a high degree of precision and quality and its design is practical and yet stylish enough to be a wow factor. It comes in two designs, the classic and contemporary variants and this will not grow old on you as it is stylishly designed to be aesthetically functional too. This model comes with a remote control that has been updated and boasts of a touchpad design and uses radio sensory frequency. At the moment though, the model only comes in the elongated design size. But the regularly sized bidet toilet seats will be soon available to the general public. This new model has a cool feature in which the opening and closing of the toilet seat lid are automatic and it also comes with a LED nightlight for those late-night trips to the bathroom.

The new designs of the Toto s550e can add style to an otherwise drab or simple bathroom. The modern design of the lid is a clean line and had a sleek silhouette suitable for the more modern toilets. The other design is the classic beveled edge that is appropriate for traditional bathrooms. But the best features of the Toto s550e are the combination of technological advancements and its luxurious quality. This model boasts of the automatic opening and closing of the lid, which makes it an outstanding unit and when the lid opens when you approach it and closes when you move away from it is like from a science fiction movie. The automatic functions of the unit can be controlled using proximity sensors or it can be set up and operated by the remote control. The choice of which is dependent on who will be using the toilet. One of the most striking updates of the model is the presence of a LED nightlight that will provide enough light for you to use the toilet at night without having to use the bathroom lights. These special LED lights use blacklight bulbs that are easier to the eye and minimize glare.

To improve usability and accessibility of the Toto s550e, the model now comes with an updated remote control which offers two functions, the front side has all the buttons needed to operate the toilet seat bidet in a touch-button interface while the backside can be used for fine-tuning the said functions. Moreover, the remote can be programmed into two different user settings. So, there will be no need to find the settings that you think work best for you, you just key in the remote when you need to use the facilities to your preferences.

With even the best design and features, the cornerstone of the Toto s550e is in the strong dual action stream of the water from the bidet. The front and rear sprays have two modes, it can be soft or hard and will depend on who will use the toilet. The spray of the Toto s550e bidet is not that strong but it is very comfortable. It can be adjusted using five positions and five different pressures, while it can produce a consistently hot temperature of about 104 degrees.

The Toto s550e uses a heating system in which warm water is directly produced from the water source. The tankless water heater is a design integrated into the toilet bidet seats which makes for an unlimited supply of warm water when you use the toilet. The dryer on the model is also one of its strong suits. Previously, bidet seats are not recommended to have dryers as they can transfer the bacteria from the dirty toilet bowl to the person which is unsanitary and unsafe.

Moreover, a unique element that is only found in Toto s550e models is the Ewater+. This is a feature that produces mists of electrolyzed water over the bowl when the toilet is not in use and in between uses. This Ewater+ is made from clean water and will disinfect the bowl when it is not being used or when it becomes idle for 8 hours. The same model also cleans the nozzle water with this misting solution, it occurs automatically pre-wash and post-wash thereby ensuring that it only provides the cleanest and safest wash. Lastly, the model also comes with a heated seat, nozzle cleaning, and toilet freshener.

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